Christmas specials deck the halls of Neverland Online starting Dec. 17

Christmas festivities begin December 17 at Neverland Online ( and both new and current players are invited to take part in the fun.

Players can enjoy 30 days of VIP status by taking advantage of the restructured VIP service, available now at the low rate of US$2.00. Also, through December 31, five exciting Christmas specials await.

Special # 1: Christmas Chest

Players can obtain one item at random when they open the Christmas Chest. Items include various Equipment and Materials (used in equipment crafting), HP (MP) Crystals, Moneybag, Double (Triple)-Exp Remedy, Skill book, Wealth Chest, Nobility Chest and even the precious golden dragon egg.

Special # 2: New Christmas gifts every day

For the duration of the Christmas festivities, find Uncle Gift (35,65) in Prosper Square to claim a Christmas gift once a day. Players have the chance to get a Bouquet of 999 Roses, a Luck Moneybag (Large), which contains 1000000Wen silver credit, or a Bouquet of 99 Roses.

Special # 3: Baby Reindeer and Festival Sprite

Catch Baby Reindeer in all wild maps to keep as pets. The Festival Sprite will also appear randomly in wild maps, and any lucky player who defeats it will earn a Festival Gift-pack, which contains: New Year Bonus×1, Rose×1, Fruit Candy×1 and Toffee×1. Players also have the chance to get Stockings filled with gifts.

Special # 4: Free in-game marriage

Players can get hitched in-game once they reach character level 25 and have virtual wedding candy sent to friends in their buddy list.

Special # 5: Christmas Pack Sale

Choose from a wide range of special in-game packages available during the Christmas celebration only.

Details about the Christmas festivities and VIP service can be found at:

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