The 2009 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards

There are seven categories of winners to announce and it's all serious business. So jump right into the 2009 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards.

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grantps33077d ago


co-op game of the year? really?

with modern warfares spec ops, demon souls, borderlands, uncharted 2, and about 100 other games that deserves this more, i have to laugh.

not that im saying that odst was a bad game (but was over-priced), i just think that with all of these great games with co-op this site gives it to halo.

im not even a MW2 fan but

- split screen
- online
- 3 difficulties
- somewhere between 40 and 50 missions with each one is very different than the others.

so please tell my why halo deserved it over mw2.

personaly i like uncharted 2 co-op the best..

- 2 difficulties
- 3 modes survival, gold rush, and the objective based
- experience sysyem
- experience gives you rewards for competitive and campaign

bapenguin3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

The article lays it out.

All those features you listed - ODST has.

MW2 needed campaign co-op and more than 2 players. ODST had campaign and a Firefight.

Uncharted 2's co-op was fun, but severely lacking in depth.

It really came down to Borderlands, Dawn of War 2 and ODST. It was a tough call, but the staff voted.