GamesRadar: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review

GamesRadar writes: "Traditionally, the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles games have been a good match for Nintendo consoles. From the original Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube to the DS and WiiWare titles of only a few years past, the role-playing games have kept things cute with sprites and snappy with varied types of gameplay from action to tower defense."

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Shnazzyone2920d ago

you would think GR would have rated it an 8... perhaps they just naturally underrate games just to shy from the trend of 6-10 scale reviewers.

SpoonyRedMage2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yer, the actual review was very positive but 7 isn't a bad score and the CC games usually get a mix of 7s and 8s so this probably means it'll be great to me. Plus look at Gamesradar's other Wii reviews, very rarely give high scores, they gave NSMB Wii a 7.

The comment about upgrading from 2D sprites is dumb though, all the CC games are in 3D, even the downloadable ones. Not the best way to start a review.

EvilTwin2919d ago

That's probably the most positive 7 rating I've read from them.

Wanna see what Destructoid scores this one...