Kotaku: PixelJunk Shooter Micro-Review: Just Add Water... Or Lava

Kotaku writes: "Q-Games continues its series of deceptively simple PlayStation Network games with PixelJunk Shooter, where danger runs hot and salvation is just a glass of water away.

Okay, maybe not a glass. PixelJunk Shooter is a game about saving miners and scientists trapped beneath the surface of a strange planet, but it's also a game about using opposing forces of nature in order to make your way through a twisted series of underground caverns. You can douse lava with water to create land, ignite pockets of gas with molten rock to unleash destructive explosions; over the course of the game you'll discover new tools to help you harness the elements, all the while using your weapons to take out the various mysterious enemies lurking beneath the planet's crust."

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