Youremgn Preview: Tiberian Twilight

It wasn't long ago when we built bases and harvested tiberium and steam-rolled our foes in the Command and conquer 3 yet the Command and conquer we all know and love is gone. Sacrificing a tried and trusted 15 year old formula of for a Dawn of war 2-ish gameplay style was a controversial and dangerous gamble which could potentially split their fanbase in half - massively effecting sales of the title and making future of the series look abit dim and hazy or on the othe rhand run into less sales troubles with Blizzard's Starcraft 2, reduce piracy and provide a deeper multiplayer experience for players. Fortunately EA LA are not fools, while class focused, player progression gameplay may not be politically correct for fans of Command and Conquer, gameplay formulas like classed gameplay which originated in FPS games, worked flawlessly and wonderfully in many RTS games such as World in Conflict and Sins of a Solar Empire proving that it does have real potential in the RTS industry and it can do and sell very well If done properly.

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