1.8 million shipment confirmed for FF13

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has announced that initial shipments of Final Fantasy XIII reached the 1.8 million mark, confirming rumours posted yesterday on Japanese gaming message boards.

The 1.8 million shipment figure for FF13 includes regular copies of the game and the Limited Edition "Lightning Pink" PS3 console bundles which include a special FF13 branded PS3 as well as a copy of the game in a limited-run box.

The FF13 launch is expected to boost PS3 sales dramatically in Japan.

Square Enix later added that with these confirmed 1.8 million units in Japan, the worldwide shipment figure for the Final Fantasy series is at an impressive 92 million units worldwide. That figure will balloon even further when FF13 hits the West in March.

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darthv723205d ago

how many have been purchased? Are there any numbers or pics of the typical launch day craze in japan? I am interested in seeing the turnouts the various camera stores and game stores get on days like this. Especially for such a high profile title.

Although, I would find it funny if they dont sell as much simply because ps3 fans turn their back on square because of the attention they gave to the 360.

AP3205d ago

They'll sell through at least 1.5, I reckon, if not the lot.

chaosatom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I would turn my backs on them if they somehow mess up the ps3 version by downsizing it.

But it's seems to be going good for now.

densai3205d ago

they were never going to downsize

GameGambits3205d ago

I'm still sad my copy hasn't shipped out from Play-Asia. I was hoping they'd ship on Dec 17th Japan time, but they seem to be waiting for it to be the 17th in the USA before shipping it out.

I'll be a mad panda if it doesn't ship out tomorrow >:(

AP3205d ago

It should ship tonight. Play Asia are based in Hong Kong, it's not yet morning there. :)

Vivi3205d ago

Hope the game reaches 2 million life to date for Japan.

Oh and everyone should check out these awesome new images.

CrazzyMan3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

FFXIII will sell A LOT!

And 1.8M is almost around 50% of attach rate. Well, current PS3 LTD sales in Japan are a little above 4M, but this week with FFXIII release, it can reach 4.3M. Still, they shipped 1.8M and that shows, that Square is confident in FFXIII and PS3.


randomwiz3205d ago

and they say japan doesn't matter anymore...

Dragun6193205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


Actually, people in japan probably don't want to buy Final Fantasy XIII for many reasons.

For an example on Japan's largest public web-place,,
One user posts his homemade list of the reasons Final Fantasy XIII definitely won't sell a million copies:

-The TV commercial is boring; it has no impact
-FF12 sucked
-The staff are the team who made FF10-2
-Sakaguchi, Amano, and Uematsu, the three pillars of the Final
-Fantasy franchise, are not involved at all
-The status screen shows only "attack" and "magic attack"
-You can only use one character in battle
-Bahamut looks stupid
-The hero is a girl
-Why are all the summon monsters transformers?
-Now, even Cid is a metrosexual

This list made me lol, Sad thing is though most of them are pretty true. Hopefully, SE will redeem themselves by delivering a good RPG game when I pick up my copy in March along with FFXIII Selling at least a million copies before it releases here in the states, otherwise if they don't, Japanese ppl just don't seem attracted to Console Jrpgs anymore.

Elven63205d ago

randomwiz: How many Western games break 1 million in Japan? How about half that? Japan isn't relevant to many western studios because the sales don't make up a large portion of their overall total which is why many studios have packed up and leave publishing to local studios.

The console side of things is a bit different, if you can tap into Japan you can get a good boost there.

It will be interesting to see how FF13 sells overall, how it does on each platform, console sales, etc.

Redempteur3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


you're quoting 2ch as an argument ?

As if everyone shared the same opinion ...

One post on 2ch and SUDDENLY it's the entire japan console rpg market that is dying ...PRICELESS.

Way to be misinformed ....

SilentNegotiator3205d ago

That's like, 1/2 of the install base of the PS3 in Japan.

Menech3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It doesn't matter how many copy's are sold to customers Square-Enix like every other game company only counts the number of unit's shipped to retailers, thus Final Fantasy 13 has sold 1.8 million copy's in Japan on launch day which is bloody insane.

This game should clear the 2 million mark in Japan without any problems to be honest.

Personally I hope it does Modern Warfare 2 figures even though in my heart of heart's I know that ain't possible.

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SpoonyRedMage3205d ago

That's much better than the 1.3 million originally reported but I think it may still be too low.

densai3205d ago

remember a lot of them are hardware bundles for non ps3 owners! upgrade some old ps2 owners!

AP3205d ago

I think it'll be enough. There'll be more - hundreds of thousands more - in the following days and weeks.

SpoonyRedMage3205d ago

Oh yes, this is the first, initial shipment, not for all of week one? that makes more sense. I think XIII could beat FFXII but I'm not too sure.

AP3205d ago

Have to remember it has a smaller install base, and that is vital.

sikbeta3205d ago

1.8m is not enough for the first day release in Japan, for sure

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chaosatom3205d ago

More like Death of Xbox confirmed /XD

AP3205d ago

As I've said time and time again in these comment boxes, can you even call it killing if it was never really alive?

ssipmraw3205d ago

there is a little thing called overkill

densai3205d ago

Or maybe 1.8 copies, lol. second copy only ships with 2 discs. lol.

AP3205d ago

Le sigh. Grow up and enjoy the games, guys.

NecrumSlavery3205d ago

I'm so envious the Japanese are the only ones who can play FFXIII truly the way God intended. Damn downgraded to the low quality of the 360 in the name of "FAIRNESS"

Henry Cain3205d ago

Im certain that all 1.8 million, copies will sale out

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