New In-game Heavy Rain Screens

Sony has just released a ton of new screens from the recent preview build of Heavy Rain. Showcasing each character in some way, these new screens reveal in-game segments and everything witnessed in the screens are from the actual gameplay, not from cinematic sequences.

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ps3hasnogamess3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

heavy rain= pressing-buttons-in-order of events to give the player amounts of random choices and nothing more.

enjoy your stupid interactive movie ps3fanboys..

MattyF3014d ago

Are you serious? The level of options and depth of the story will be amazing. If this wasn't a PS3 exclusive, everyone would be excited about this game. It may be a niche title, but QD has produced some top-level games like Indigo Prophecy.

rawd3014d ago

Aw poor bots are so used to recycled shooters. It's an automatic reaction to any game that doesn't go pewpew headshot

Rockox3014d ago

I'm typically a fan of shooters, but Indigo Prophecy was awesome. I think Heavy Rain is going to be cool.

LeonSKennedy4Life3014d ago


He's pretty obviously just messing with you. Nobody is ACTUALLY that dumb. I'm not kidding. He's just trollin' and you all should feel lame for believing him. Lol.

No gamer in his or her right mind doesn't want to play Heavy Rain.

D4RkNIKON3014d ago

Every one here has added comments to put you in your place so I don't really think there is much else to say.

nycredude3014d ago

yeah right retarded bot. let me ask you something.

How do you shoot in COD MW 2? how do you jump? how do you run? If you aren't as retarded as you sound then you would have guessed right... with buttons!! duh. That is the input device so of course you have to press buttons to interact, it's the same with every game just done a bit different here. As far as scripted events MW2 is the king of that, just a rail shooter if you ask me. how many different things can happen in a shooter? This IMO is way better becuase every paythrough will be different.

GTFO please and leave us REAL gamers who didn't start gaming 3 years ago alone.

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PanicEnders3014d ago

^ You're calling people fanboys and yet your user name is ps3hasnogames..right....

Why Dat3014d ago

Apparently, Xbots have this magical "crystal ball" that somehow tells them exactly how a game is going to be like, before it is even released.

So what if the game is similar to a movie? Doesn't that mean it has QUALITY story, characters and atmosphere? Oh wait... he's used to the stereotypical Space Marines battling aliens. OH yea... that is "so awesome" /sarcasm.

Fishy Fingers3014d ago

Visuals are outstanding and of course will help draw you in, but it's the story I want to experience, that, at it's core, is what this game is all about.

MattyF3014d ago

The story should be amazing.

blu_yu_away3014d ago

I just hope it doesn't take the drastic turn to incoherent supernatural nonsense that Indigo Prophecy did.

sikbeta3014d ago

Ala M Night Shyamalan lol

No, I don't think so, It'll be a Mature Story, don't worry about that

LeonSKennedy4Life3014d ago

I feel like no one really understands M. Night Shyamalan's movies but me.

Lady In The Water isn't about some chick getting back to her world.

The Village isn't about a village.

Signs isn't about aliens.

The Happening isn't about global warming.

Aquarius3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

This completely eradicates the thought of this just being a boring quick time event
( QTE ) movie. Plus the fact that the naysayers are calling this game, a movie; well they're actually complimenting it. KZ2, UC2, look like movies from their respective genres but there are still games! Its the same saying, is that CGI? People should know by now, that's the way PS3 does its games!!!

Didn't anyone play Motorstorm?

My anticipation for this game has just multiplied by a million.

sikbeta3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Take it easy pal, I'm not attacking the guy, I just loved The Sixth Sense but no the others, just talking about "THE TWIST" lol

GVON3014d ago

I'm on a media blackout,but really looking forward (since the casting) to playing it.

I'm also just about to play fahrenheit for the first time,I know about the last third so it won't be unexpected and hopefully I won't find it that bad

badz1493014d ago

looks interesting but I've never played the like of indigo prophecy for me to even understand the genre. although I've defied my gaming preference this gen with FPS which I hated with passion before I play them on PS3 and now I'm loving them and with MGS4 which was my 1st MGS game and how I've finished that 3 times! maybe I'll do it again with heavy rain but to be honest, there's already too many games to buy next year, I feel like my wallet can't keep up! DAMN!

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wages of sin3014d ago

That this game has the potential to be the Citizen Kane of gaming? I don't think I'd be too far off in that assumption.

Gamers are in for a series of digital delights this year for sure!

LeonSKennedy4Life3014d ago

I agree. It could be.

It could also be The Godfather of the gaming know...a perfect rating?

Somnipotent3014d ago

the visual department here is incredible. lets all hope the story and experience is just as phenomenal.

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