How to Beat Modern Warfare 2 Veteran Difficulty

Call of Duty is renowned for its stupidly difficult Veteran difficulty (infinite enemies and grenade spamming ahoy!) And whilst there's none of that in the latest installment, that doesn't mean it's any easier – you will die repeatedly. But if you follow the advice contained here, you should find your journey somewhat less frustrating and your Gamerscore/Trophy collection that little bit more, well, impressive. Check your ammo, it's time to roll.

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Nitrowolf22990d ago

the vet in this game is a joke

Ace Killa 082990d ago

im assuming you have done some of this game in veteran or all of it. i havent played it yet in vet, but its still a b*tch getting through. even if from wat i read and hear that the enemys spawn is limited now, you still have to deal with a good amount of them

Capdastaro2990d ago

It was just the right amount of challenge for me now they've done away with the unlimited enemy respawns.

Frustrating at times yes, but not as frustrating knowing that there's going to be unlimited enemy coming to kill you unless you move to a certain checkpoint as fast as possible, like in previous CODs.

darkequitus2990d ago

After COD 4 on Vets, This was easy [I mean fair] on vets. I played through on hardened first.