Footage of Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Emerges

On the heels of the early details of Splinter Cell Conviction, it's now possible to see the new mode in action. The first footage has emerged, depicting the Russian agent Kestrel and the American agent Archer.

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darkequitus3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Can't Come soon enough.

Edit: @ Below.

The first too game were hard for me. If you made one mistake, it was over, more or less. They hit it on the head with chaos theory. IF I got over excited and exposed myself, They next wave of enemies would start wearing helmets and flak jacket.

kaveti66163164d ago

I've always been more of a "go in guns blazing" kind of gamer, but games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid cannot be played that way. This game looks really exciting, though. I'm sure there will be moments where I get impatient and just decided to expose myself to the enemy and hope I can clear them out before I die.

table3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Conviction looks to encorperate a lot more gunplay, probably a combination of trying to attract shooter fans and trying to keep the series fresh. I hope it doesn't lose too much of the stealth elements because that is what got me into splinter cell in the first place, being the hardcore MGS fan that I am.

Simon_Brezhnev3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Looks pretty good. I function that i want in co-op stealth games, is if you talk on the mic while near an enemy they detect you and fire lol.

Blaze9293164d ago

looks sick. can't wait. 6 hours for co-op alone!? awesome. Wonder if it'll be multi-discs on the 360

Christopher3164d ago

I'm guessing this is the reason why the PC version got nixed, so they could improve the multiplayer options to make another good 360 shooter-centric game.

Microsoft is very good at getting the games that are tailored to their primary audience and this is why Sony will continue to fight an uphill battle in the U.S.

Greywulf3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

The unreal engine.

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Bathyj3164d ago

I hope its not too shooter centric. The first 2 games were very trial and error but stealth and using the gadgets to your advantage are what Splinter Cell is all about. XB has enough straight out shooters. I dont think they'll turn this into one. Cant wait.


@Kaveti, Stewgart and Bathyj

Actually in MGS4 they gave us very shooter centric controls, they were pretty tight, you could go over the shoulder or 1st person and it worked greatly 'all guns blazing', I actually did an entire playthrough like that just for kicks. It didn't make it a straight shooter, but all the time you had the option to change from the safer but patience and time demanding stealth approach to a riskier and more direct shooter approach, and that could be pretty fluid.

Usually in MGS, SC or any stealth game you don't get much chances, hence the trial and error kind of gameplay, which hold you a lot in cover for the perfect chance, this shooter mechanics make up for that, you CAN mess up and still have a chance, the thing is the enemy easily outnumber you and can call for back up, so it usually holds the less impatient gamers a bit 'till they can, for example get 2 enemies quickly, while ou t o f the view of a 3rd one, which he can take while it check the bodies.

There is a risk the game coud be unbalanced so stealth feels too hard and guns blazing too easy or vice versa, but I didn't feel it at all in MGS4, at least not as a whole (there were some parts easier to go shoot out, there were some that you really didn't want attention, but rarely by much), it was no more than an option, it wasn't shooter centric unless you want to. I believe Ubi aim for the same 'play as you like' approach, should be great if they spend the time to find the right balance for whatever experience they want you to have.

For sure some elitist snob gamers had complained as the game became more accessible, but I guess you can't please everyone.

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FACTUAL evidence3163d ago

Gameplay looks so stunning! Can't wait for this, i know this will be super fun with a friend.

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Sonyslave33164d ago

Hell yeah GOTY b!tches sorry dorids .

Hellsvacancy3164d ago

It must b 1 hell of a slow year if your right

talltony3164d ago

This game will own but your still a stupid butthurt fanboy sonslave.

General Jewels3164d ago

Xbox 360 has owned 2010

2006= Xbox 360
2007- Xbox 360
2008= Xbox 360
2009 = PS3 ( I Admit PS3 had some solid titles this year )
2010 = Xbox 360 Halo Reach = Death Of PS3

green3164d ago

Conviction is going to be one hell of a ride.

Fishy Fingers3164d ago

This is going to be sweeeeet! Nothing says stealth like a bunch of lights on your head :)

silvacrest3164d ago

yeah, that makes no sence even to this day

coop should be fun

socomnick3164d ago

Its a gameplay decision to help you the player see where your character is.

Same reason there is always a LCD screen on sam fishers back displaying colors showing you how well hidden you are.

Timesplitter143164d ago

Yeah. As we can all see, those three cool-looking lights give the player an obvious tactical advantage.


I hate to say it, but this time Socomnick is right.

When Ubi created SC they noted that you lost your character of sight when in shadows, this was a problem because since the first game, Sam only execute some actions if right positioned, if you are in the dark trying to lockpick a door or grab an enemy passing by, for exemple, could be a headache.

The solution was to add lights to the character, this way you could know where it is and which direction it is facing. They choose those goggles because real ENVG have a green 'glow', that is actually reflex of the filters (which won't happen in the dark, you would need light to reflex). For the same reason they later added lights, in the back and arm, as other gadgets.

They could have done some light/color changing effect when you go in the dark or what not, but would be just as cheap as this invisible lit up Xmas tree in the dark, not much anyone could do without compromise the game, I mean, where the hell Snake put the cardboard box while not using it?

Still they are kind of cool and a mark of the franchise, even if a better solution comes, I don't think the goggles are going anywhere.

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