Former Killzone 2 Dev's Opinion on ODST: "Applaud Bungie's Decision for Two Discs"

Split-Screen: "Aaron Butler, a former Senior Game Designer at Guerrilla Games responsible for the SixAxis systems and gameplay mechanics of Killzone 2, got his hands around Bungie's Halo 3: ODST around the time of launch. Surprisingly, he's found many of the intended new features as plus points in the overall scheme of the game's design. He especially approved the use of two separate discs for single- and multi-player modes, which had become a point of criticism for Bungie's inclusion of all previous Halo 3 MP content."

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DasBunker3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Did they have any other choice?

oh yeah putting out gimped games in a single disc..

AK463203d ago

I see you got one disagree. You must have offended someone by speaking the truth.

Saaking3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Yep, you can see the trend continuing. Rage, Forza 3, FFXIII, Halo 3 ODST etc. More and more games are gonna need more disks. MS really blew it by not going to Bluray or some other bigger format.

Anyways, ODST was a major disappointment. I got, beat it in 5 hours (on heroic) got a little over half the achievements and took it back. Just not worth the 60 bucks.

THE MAX SPEED 213203d ago

"He especially approved the use of two separate discs for single- and multi-player modes"

why is his opinion so important though? if he had Disapproved this would it have really matter?

zaza1263203d ago

wow did you see that class?
instead of saying why kz2 is that much better than odst, he decided to compliment another developer and a rival game.
why cant more people/companies act like this?

chrisulloa3203d ago

"wow did you see that class?
instead of saying why kz2 is that much better than odst, he decided to compliment another developer and a rival game.
why cant more people/companies act like this?"

Because he knows Halo is better than Killzone. Apparently graphics aren't everything, still running on an old engine and they manage to throw out a quality game. Good story, interesting character development, and new gameplay. I'm sold. Killzone's a good game, it just doesn't have the legacy of Halo to back it up.

jhooty143203d ago

the killzone 2 dev must have had a gun too his head

Chubear3203d ago

lol, men these KZ developers are masterful with their sly fox dissing techniques XD

-Alpha3203d ago

What are you talking about? MS didn't blow it at all.

Look what happened when Blu Ray got put on the PS3. It drove the price sky high and lead to less sales.

It's a much smarter move to use cheap technology for MS since it made them mad profit.

And really, I'm sure they don't care people need multiple discs as opposed to adding blu ray.

Thankfully, Blu Ray today on the $299 PS3's is a super great deal, but it cost Sony and hurt them a lot this generation.

Multiple Discs aren't that big of an issue if gamers aren't lazy and if it isn't one of those stupid "to play this chapter/area, change discs" deals.

I'm glad that Sony has Blu Ray, but MS certainly isn't suffering from not having it. Graphics =/= gameplay which is the most important aspect.

Xi3203d ago

sony must pay you guys a lot to have no lives...

pixelsword3203d ago

The sad part is if true, people like you do it for free... :/

Guido3203d ago

His opinion matters because he was involved in one of the best games ever made and to this date has only been rivaled by one other game and that would be Uncharted 2. I do however say his opinion is a bit slanted due to his current employment.

Oner3203d ago

@ pixelsword ~ LoL! +Bubble for you

3203d ago
sikbeta3203d ago

"Because he knows Halo is better than Killzone"

WOW, did all of you see that blind fanboy logic?

Unbelievable lol

lve2playbball3203d ago

@1.11 Guido

Just because KZ2 is the best looking game of all time (on a CONSOLE) does not mean it is one of the best games of all time. You are clearly not being objective. I have KZ2, and it was fun the first, maybe second, time. But please tell me your top 5 games of all time, because...HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm gonna make a guess at your top 5 games of all time. UC2, KZ2, MGS, MGS4, GoW, maybe R&C... KZ2 one of the best of all time, what a joke. It is a good game, beautiful graphics, but not even close to the top 30 all time.

NotSoSilentBob3202d ago

You failed in your comment at the "mad Profit"

Has your memory failed to recall the RROD from the Rushed Product?
What about all the free DVD games that Ms has had to give away for free from the Disc scratching the DVD drive has done to games?

I completely disagree with that Mad Profit as MS has a $3 billion cost Tacked on to the entrainment division from failed hardware.

silvacrest3202d ago

dont forget lost software sales on modded 360s

yes some pirates will rebuy a 360 again but they would just mod it again and continue not buying official games and some dont care enough about live to replace a banned 360

otherZinc3202d ago

if Aaron Butler knows how bad Killzone sucks compared to any Halo game. In his dislikes of Halo, they're all better than Killzone 2.

Maybe he has a wish list of things they couldn't do in Killzone 2 because its terrible in comparison to any Halo game.

wpggamer3202d ago

You're all (sony fanboys) so hard on ODST for the short campaign, but loved Uncharted. That was short, and no multiplayer at all. Zero re-playability. But that was worth 60 bucks i guess.

mega BIG time3202d ago

Killzone was pretty, but the singleplayer was a michael bay quality action film at best. The only value of that package was the multiplayer which gave it some replayability. No one will remember KZ2 but everyone will remember Halo3 multiplayer.

beardpapa3202d ago


if they put cheaper materials to make their products, why is it til now they still can't remedy the RRoD issue? They're cheaper materials. Could it be they're not as reliable too? Certainly spending less on shoddy material had cost them more than if they had spent on much more higher quality materials.

Frankly, they have not made much more for spending little. If anything, Nintendo is the one to reap the rewards w/ their re-hashed GC + motion controls.

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kaveti66163203d ago

I'm surprised he's not a fan of the Halo multiplayer. Guerrilla Games can learn a few things from Bungie when it comes to keeping the online community coming back. Naughty Dog got help from Bungie and it really shows because Uncharted 2's multiplayer is amazing.

I also agree ODST is not worth 60 bucks. To me, it wouldn't even be worth 20 bucks.

Nike3203d ago

Butler: "So far I’ve only been able to play Firefight by my lonesome but I enjoyed the experience. It is boring solo, but with three other mates it would be a blast. I liked the inclusion of the random “Skull Mods”, like enemies throwing more grenades. In basic functionality it feels like Horde mode in Gears of War, which isn’t a bad thing. Bungie’s own spin, aside from the “Skull Mods” is that players must make it through five rounds and each round consists of five waves of random enemies."

lagoonalight3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Well, I'm a 55 in Uncharted and I can say for sure the Multi is not as frantic or original, nor does it keep you coming back past a certain point unless you are diehard. There is nothing to do but keep shooting. Killzone had classes and a **** load more things to do and achieve working together with a team. Uncharted is good but not great. 5 on 5 can only go so far without any upgrades or classes or anything really to stop you running around it's boxy spawn infested environments until you realize it's all the same and you have done everything you came to do. There is no region filter. There is heavy lag in most games, etc.

DaTruth3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Everything you said was true... except for the part that leads to you checking your own connection. I've never encountered any lag related problems in Uncharted 2!

kaveti66163202d ago

I have never encountered lag in Uncharted 2. I've even done some experiments where I left my laptop on and connected to the net and even downloaded some things and I didn't play with lag. The worst that happened was that I was immediately removed from the game, which is great because that means that Naughty Dog wants other players to not experience lag at the expense of me playing.

I'm only a level 19 on multiplayer, and I agree that classes would have been great. But I think that there must be something about Killzone 2's multiplayer that turns people off because otherwise it would have a much larger and consistent online community.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3203d ago

I agree. It was a great choice on Bungie's part. If you can't fit the whole thing on one disc...go to two. It's that simple. Good developers know that.

I'm not a huge fan of Halo...never have been. I do see it as a good enough series to get praise...but not like it gets. It's still a good franchise. If Halo 3 had come out as Halo 1 when Halo 3 came wouldn't have sold that well. It's the fact that Halo did multi-player right on a console first that gets Halo so much hype. It's a good series...but not to my liking. It's as simple as that.

I always look forward to continuing a good sci-fi story...but really only through YouTube videos for Halo. : )

DaTruth3203d ago

Halo was finished after the first game. They should have thought about the ten haloless sequels when naming the first game!

mega BIG time3202d ago

lol true. halo 2 - 3 shouldve been named Spartan Rampage 1 & 2

rob60213203d ago

So why can't Call of Duty (and its short campaign) do the same??

i_like_ff73203d ago

Halo's multiplayer is really good but if you look at what they do they stick to the simplest formula and get it right. Its the reason why so many people play it. Its fun to pick up and play with your friends. Really when my friends get over there isn't really anything else we would play together (maybe COD zombie mode).

Killzone 2 on the other hand really doesn't get enough credit for what they did with the online. Apart from managing the various classes, they have THE BEST CLAN system in ANY game to date. Nothing comes close. MW2's Clan tag is garbage compare to how constructive Killzone's Valor system is. There's also the feeling of weight that makes shooting people online far different from other fps games. I agree it definatly isn't perfect but it has enormous potential in a sequel.

kaveti66163202d ago

On consoles, maybe. Battlefield 2, Team Fortress 2, and a host of other games on PC have much better clan systems. I replied because you said ANY game, whereas you should have said ANY console game.

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