GameSpot: Heavy Rain Q&A - Reader Questions

GameSpot writes: "Last week, we asked you--the reader--to participate in this Q&A by submitting your questions in our comments section. Thanks to a quick turnaround time by David Cage at Quantic Dream, here are the answers to your important questions. Be sure to also check out our updated impressions today to get some more info about this highly anticipated thriller. Thanks to everyone who participated; unfortunately, we could only ask a handful of questions so here are the ones that we chose."

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-EvoAnubis-3201d ago

The censorship thing is important to me; if it's censored in the US, I'll import it. If they expect it to sell in the US, they better leave it the hell alone; I want Cage's original and complete vision of this game, not the "America-is-being-a-whiny -b1tch" version of it.

POSTERBOY343201d ago

same here i hope they dont censor or i might import my first game

redsquad3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Loved this bit:

"...the game really turned [out] the way I imagined it. I don't know how people will perceive it, but whatever happens, HR is what I wanted it to be, for the best or the worst. "

No pandering to what's popular, just a strong, bold and most of all ORIGINAL vision and the commitment to stick to it despite idiots whinging "but it's just QTE's" every other day.

I truly hope that HEAVY RAIN does turn out to be a defining moment for the industry, showing that something daring to be different CAN work.
Sadly, many people have proven time and time again that they WANT the same safe, clichéd nonesense churned out ad nauseum.

3201d ago
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