GameDaily: Most Overrated Games: 2009

GameDaily writes: "It happens every year. Both journalists and hardcore gamers flip out over a video game, giving it numerous awards and high scores. Then we sit down to play this supposed virtual epiphany and have no idea what they're talking about. Welcome to the most overrated games of 2009, a collection of massively hyped and underwhelming titles that never deserved so much unnecessary praise, even from us. With that, let's begin."

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rucky3163d ago

Demon's Souls huh. Let's forget for a sec that this list is coming from a 360 fanboy like Chris Buffa, but to label the game as 'Overrated' without even playing it for more than an hour is just f*cking stupid.

Megaton3163d ago

F*cking LOL @ BlazBlue on this list. Chris Buffa's retarded ass strikes again.

JOLLY13163d ago

That list seems about right.

jalen2473163d ago

None of those games are overrated. All of them are actually pretty good games that lived up to expectations.