Video Game Collectors Feeling The Pain Of Re-Releases

Multiplayer writes:
"As new games get announced every week, most gamers rejoice when old school games from their youth are re-released on updated platforms so they can enjoy them all over again. However, there's one group that takes a deep breath as they read each and every game announcement, hoping not to see certain titles appear; classic games that they already own, and have invested in. This is the anxious life of a video game collector; a certain sect of gamers that value video games so much that they invest huge sums of money into amassing valuable games.

While their reasons may range from nostalgia to economical, one thing remains true; each time an old game gets re-released on a new, more readily available platform, the value of the original takes some kind of a hit. Below is a breakdown of some of the most famous games that have been re-released, and how..."

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