AMD in 2010, part 3: GPU compute

AMD has big plans for accelerating all kinds of things with GPUs - Radeons aren't just for games anymore. Join Icrontic's Robert Hallock as he delves into the details of this exciting upcoming technology.

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Pandamobile2897d ago

Nvidia needs to cut its proprietary sh1t out if we really want GP Compute to take off.

Limiting stuff to only run on Nvidia GPU's is a terrible move, IMO.

Cliff Forster2897d ago

Panda, you and I could not agree more.

Kakkoii2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

It's not that closed case.

What Nvidia has done is create a GPU architecture that is capable of running C/C++/FORTRAN code natively. (currently with CUDA extensions until Fermi comes). They can't just make CUDA not proprietary, it wouldn't matter. ATI would still need to completely redesign their architecture to work like Nvidia's. And Nvidia would need to share a lot of it's intellectual property with them.

CUDA is more an architecture than it is software.

Nihilism2896d ago

"PC has never before been on the cusp of such a large performance jump in so short a time"

Amen to that, i'll be getting myself an 8 core cpu in 2011, and the next gen of cards after the 5000 and 300 series will be coming out swinging

Kakkoii2896d ago

Yeah, get some of that 22nm love up in heeya! haha