Gaming Age: Madden NFL Arcade Review

Gaming Age writes: "Arcade style football is a good thing, especially when you want to get your grid iron fix in short doses. Typically you have little managerial aspects, payroll negotiations, off field antics, etc. It's all about the game on the field in various over the top styles and game play scenarios. NFL Blitz, NFL Street, and NFL Tour were the last to greet this flavor of helmet crashing goodness, all with successful implementations in one form or the other. EA, developers of the Street and Tour franchises has decided to take the arcade game away from the disc form and release a stripped down version of arcade football on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. While the idea did get me excited, there were a couple of factors that kept this game from being an overwhelming success in this reviewer's eyes. One being the "options", and I use that word lightly, and the second is the price tag of this content which far exceeds the game's actual worth."

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