PSBlog: PSN Digital Comics Launch Today!

'Hi Everyone, PlayStation Network launched a new digital comics service for the PSP system today. As you already know, PSP firmware update v6.20 included a Digital Comics reader application that is accessible under the Extras icon on the XMB. Starting today, you can access hundreds of digital comics on PlayStation Store, directly on the PSP or via MediaGo (on the PC). You will notice a new "tab" for comics, next to the game and video tabs. The digital comics store is currently available in the U.S. only.

In the store, you'll want to check out the "free comics" category, for a selection of comics that you can download for free. You'll also find a great variety of titles from our partners at Marvel, IDW Publishing and Disney and more. See the launch list below.'

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SuperStrokey11233081d ago

Wish we could get the comics here in Canada, i guess it will come eventually but such is life. Would also love for them to add Silver Surfer. Nice to see classic transformers up there as well. Id get them all if i was actually able to buy them lol.

Chris3993081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Tried to use the feature this morning and was told it wasn't available in my region.

Same with the PS3 video service. With the exception of software releases (thank God for our proximity to the U.S. border and that one of our official languages is English) we Canadians always get the shaft on things like this. MS has had their video service up for a while now (though I never used it, as most of the movies were pap); really wish Sony would pick up the pace on this one. It's one of those services that cater to a "casual" audience. Such as my mom, who uses her PS3 for the "blu-ray" and to play Piyotama lol

Baka-akaB3081d ago

tss so this too is region restricted ? This is sheer stupidity .
A comicbooks fan from France that would bother with digital comics already read english ones ..
Why the hell would he wait for crappy french translations of Marvel stuff ?

Sigh , and with the thing obviously proprietary , Marvel and other comic books publishers never understands ...
illegal scans got a long life ahead of them .

Timesplitter143081d ago

I wish :
- This was on PS3
- This was available in Canadaland

multipayer3081d ago

I'm going to miss all those comic shops, not really, digital is better in every way... It just adds insult to injury, that this will probably be more popular too.

Sheikh Yerbouti3081d ago

aren't threatened at all. Guys spend $100 dollars any given Wednesday on comics that appreciate in value.

Baka-akaB3081d ago

if that was so true , people like me who kept bugging marvel and dc for digital copies of their comics , especially knowing everything they release is illegally scanned and available wouldnt have had such an hard time for so long .

Even when they started their online pc service over at Marvel , they pulled some crap stunt , like digital issues being released eons after the paper .

sashimi3081d ago

Well i am not a big comic fan since i am into(manga/manwha) but i think comic shops will do alright since there will still be many people who prefer the physical copies. I myself love my collection of manga/manwha, they are the reason i have a bookshelf lol

Sheikh Yerbouti3081d ago

that I had as a kid. I remember the panels, and thinking the Baroness is hawt. Old school comics is a treat I wasn't expecting.

Hopefully more comics will come soon. More publishers would also be welcomed. Marvel is cool, but I actually buy the comics for those. But I would like to have some DC. Still a bonafide awesome treat for a comic fan.

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