Will 2010 Be Sony's Year?

Lewis from takes an optimistic look at Sony's 2010 lineup.

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PirateThom3201d ago

Unlike 2008 and 2009, they'll have some competition, but probably it will still be Sony's year.

IB4: Bubububu the sales

Try playing games.

GWAVE3201d ago

Yeah, 2010 has a lot of big-name games coming out on a lot of platforms, not just the PSP, PS2, and PS3.

Er, wait. What? Did I just throw the PS2 and PSP in there? I guess many people forget that the PS3 isn't Sony's only platform. Yeah, the PS3 is going to have an amazing 2010, but so will Sony's other two platforms, I'm betting.

So, it's a very safe bet to say that 2010 will be Sony's year, not just because of the incredibly strong lineup on the PS3, but also due to the lineups on the PS2 and PSP.

WildArmed3201d ago

lol I start just laughing my ass off when these articles pop up.
Half of the games to be released in '10 havn't been announced yet, and people are already looking at '10 like they have the final list.
Heck '09 isn't over yet.

Udidntlistenpunk3201d ago

The biggest RPG release FINAL FANTASY 13

Also in 2010: FINAL FANTASY 14

The biggest racing game release: Gran Turismo 5

God of war 3
Heavy Rain
The last guardian

And plenty more.

versus one exclusive for the 360 (halo reach)

For sure, 2010 will be another PS3 year.

deadreckoning6663201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Actually thats very hard to say because how do you determine who has the best year?

If were talking sales then if M$ makes a Natal bundle and sells it for $300, Sony won't win saleswise. Sony seems to have the better quality exclusives next year, and thats great. But didn't Sony's have better quality exclusives this year as well?

M$ just had their WORST year ever with the 360 and STILL overcame the PS3 saleswise in the PS3's BEST year. How is 2010 going to be any different? In 2010 M$ actually HAS games...

@above- So ur saying that Halo Reach is the ONLY exclusive coming out on the 360 next year?

Halo Reach
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake
Fable 3
and possibly L4D3

We all know N4G is biased, but the fact that the guy above me is getting agreed with is just sad. He can't even fanboy right. He didn't even mention Agent, Modnation Racers, The Agency, Free Realms, and possibly Starhawk.

@fucadastates- "and we all now you guys like your dont-think-just-shoot-my-mama- says-i-have-a-big-gun kinda games(HALO and MW2)."

I suggest you read my comment history before putting me in a group. U would have found that I am a proud PS3 only owner and soon to be 360 owner as well. As far as ur sales argument, I live in in the U.S. therefore I only care about U.S sales. How do PS3 sales in Japan or Europe affect my PS3 experience in NA?

silvacrest3201d ago

that all depends how good natal is and what games it brings to table

it hasn't won me over yet

Ausbo3201d ago

i disagree. I think 2008 was very close in games between the ps3 and 360. While the ps3 got 2008 and 2009, it was closer in 2008. You can't say their wasn't competition with gears and fable, because those are major games.

I will give you 2009 though.

2010 will be a strong year for both. But we have to wait and see the quality of the games before we make a judgement

fucadastates3201d ago

at deadreckoning666, worldwide the ps3 outsold the xbox360 in 2009.
the only market i did not "win" was in the us. and we all now you guys like your dont-think-just-shoot-my-mama- says-i-have-a-big-gun kinda games(HALO and MW2).

Udidntlistenpunk3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

This is about exclusives that matter. And in the gaming world, only a handful of titles actually MATTER.

Grand theft auto, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Halo, Mario, Call of Duty and a few others. These are games that make OR BREAK a console.

To be frank with you, MS only has Halo. Everything else you listed...yea you know, Im sure they are nice games. But they hardly have any impact at all in the greater scheme of things.

Unless, of course, you believe that Alan Wake is a system seller and that Alan Wake is going to be a turning point in the current console war... Get real.

And btw half those titles you mentioned, are not exclusives. Im sure you were told the same thing a hundred times in a week. So you are either incredibly thick or you are living in denial.

Christopher3201d ago

Like all the other years, the gamers will win out more than any single company.

Dragun6193201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

There is no doubt that PS3 will definitely have a great 2010.

PS3 Exclusives

-White Knight Chronicles
-Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
-The Last Rebellion
-God of War 3
-Gran Turismo 5
-ModNation Racers
-Heavy Rain
-The Last Guardian
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII
-Trinity Universe
-Atelier Rorona
-Ar Tonelico 3
-3D Dot Heroes
-Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
-Final Fantasy XIV
-The Agency
-DC Universe Online
-Free Realms
-Yakuza 3&4
-Hopefully Tales of Vesperia

Not to mentioned the rumored titles
- Syphon Filter 5

- Twisted Metal

- Starhawk

- Resistance 3

- CyberConnect2 working Title

But Sales wise, I think the PS3 will sell evenly with the 360 considering its cheaper and Gow3/FF13/GT5 releases in the first half. Motion Controls I believe won't do any wii numbers neither will Natal as there both merely just add ons for an experience that u can already play on the Wii & Eyetoy or just using a controller.

darthv723201d ago

Why is it that each year has to be dubbed "The year of 'insert console of choice'"?

Why can't each year be the year of the gamers? So many great games and if you have all the systems then you aren't missing out on ANYTHING.

Set all preconceived notions aside and get the console you swear you would never get and live life in the middle. Just because you now would be playing on the opposition doesnt mean you turn your back to the other completely.

ikral3201d ago

Sony had good year 2009. It was Sony´s year.

shazui1233201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

the PS3 has been outselling the 360 year on year worldwide every year. For the last 6 months it's been beating the 360 by 150,000 units a month. How is the 360 beating it saleswise when every game sells better on it aside MW2 and it sells more worldwide? Because its very close in NA? so what? in europe, japan and other regions the ps3 has constantly raped the 360 in sales.

@ below
GT5 is a HUGE seller though. The franchise has sold 56 million and gt4 sold 13 million. Thats when the ps2 install base was at 30 million. Plus the prologue only sold 2 million. Now think about it, when GT4 was out it sold 13 million, yet the prologue only sold 2, GT5 prologue sold 4.9 million... GT5 will top 10 million worldwide lifetime sales easily.

RememberThe3573201d ago

2010 will be the year of the gamer. Each system is putting out a ton of great looking games. I do think that Sony has the better line up of exclusives though, but still MS is giving you good reasons to own a 360.

@deadreckoning: (lol I always feel like I have to respond to you.) If your going to say that you only care about sales in the US then don't imply that your talking about sales in general.

"M$ just had their WORST year ever with the 360 and STILL overcame the PS3 saleswise in the PS3's BEST year."

There is nothing about that first comment that indicates that you are only talking about the US. Plus, if you want to talk about how a console is doing, don't you need to look at the big picture? Sales in one country or region may be great but in an other not great at all.

sikbeta3201d ago

I don't know WTF a "console Year" means

Seriously, if its only about salez, well is [email protected] then

I always thought that when someone talks about a Console year was for the line-up of games knowing that is the more important thing about gaming

This is Sony's Year cuz of the HUGE line-up and next year will be no different, I'll definitely need more money to spend on all the games I want

Gamers FTW!!!

Danja3201d ago

Next Year will be the year of Broke Gamers who have to buy all the awesome games coming out on all 3 consoles.....

Get over it all 3 consoles have a great line up next year

CrazzyMan3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

But in term of sales, it will take sometime, before PS3 will be able to outsell Wii most of time during the year.

Though, of`course after GT5, GoW3, FFXIII, AGENT and other games releases, PS3 will have a better chance.

IdleLeeSiuLung3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Sony's line up sounds really good, but then next year we hear about almost the same games with some newly announced games far into the future. Yep, the list hardly changed for the new year and we get next year is Sony's year again.

Among other games, I have been hearing about GoW3 and GT5 for years now! That is why I always take a Sony's list of exclusives with a grain of salt until a date or even a time frame is announced.

Jinxstar3201d ago

Deadreckoning, dragun and anyone else who is confused about exclusives as well.

Please refer to my blog on exclusives.

PirateThom3201d ago

Why did everyone completely ignore that I wasn't talking about sales?


peowpeow3201d ago

Above everything, both Sony and Microsoft have great games next year and I recommend single-console owners to buy whatever it is you don't have, it'll be worth it!

3201d ago
shawnsl653201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The only thing i'm sure is that GT5 and FFXIII will be sold in the millions the first week. NO BS EITHER!

2010 = Year of Great GAMES!

Just check out the lineup coming out for all the systems *drools*

Kevin ButIer3201d ago

At the end...

Ill have an orgasm after playing GOW3


gaffyh3201d ago

The thing I like about this list is that most of the games are unique, and there is not much like them on other platforms:

-M.A.G. - 256 multiplayer only on PS3 (although I don't like this game)
-White Knight Chronicles - The first big next-gen RPG for PS3
-God of War 3 - One of (if not the) best hack n slash series available
-Gran Turismo 5 - The best driving simulator, includes Nascar and WRC!
-ModNation Racers - Kart racer with track creation, LBP + racing = Win
-Heavy Rain - Nothing like it on any other platform this gen!
-The Last Guardian - Nothing like it on any other platform this gen! GOTY 2010 most likely
-Final Fantasy Versus XIII - Dark RPG for Nomura fans
-3D Dot Heroes - Could be coming to 360, but 3D Zelda clone FTW
-Final Fantasy XIV, The Agency, DC Universe Online, Free Realms - Don' care about MMORPGs tbh, but for those that do, there's a lot!
-Yakuza 3&4 - Play the Japanese demo, it's awesome.

3201d ago
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Bungie3201d ago

Yeah Sony could easily win

I can't think of other games selling more than GT5 and GOW 3

Xi3201d ago

FF13, COD7(or w/e), madden, and halo reach?

Danja3201d ago

GOW isnt a huge seller to be honest it will do around 2-3 million worlwide

IdleLeeSiuLung3201d ago

Don't get me wrong, it looks like an amazing game. I'm in fact looking forward to play the remake of GoW 1&2, but if anything KZ2 should have sold insane numbers.

Shooters just have a huge market in the US and sells very well in Europe. Games like Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta and GoW don't sell as well.

Shooters in the US.
Racing in Europe.
JRPGs in Japan. (lol, unless you are Microsoft)

Everything else is peanuts in market size!

Menech3201d ago

Bungie is clearly taking the piss, He knows Reach will outsell GT5 and GOW3 combined. I know GT series is a big seller but honestly with the current PS3 installer base I just don't see it. Even though GT has sold ton's of games on past gen systems I just don't see it having the attract rate of halo.

And GOW3 doesn't even count if am honest it didn't sell at all on the PS2 if you consider how many PS2's where around at the time. It's attract rate was terrible I don't even see it doing 2 mill to be honest.

Of course to gamers sales don't matter but when it comes to software sales which to be honest is what matters for Sony and Microsoft I see the 360 taking 2010. With the relaunch of the 360 to Sony really has got there work cut off for them.

I know am gona get disagrees for this but hey its N4G a Sony fanboy haven.

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MaximusPrime3201d ago

Sony won this year and with promising lineup, more new PS3 owners, 2010 will be sony's year.

mylesbarfed3201d ago

Yeah, probably, but things aren't going to be so bad on the 360 side either :) i'm so excited for 2010, gaming-wise.

unrealgamer583201d ago

but teh halo reach 0wnz alLS!!!1!!!11!!

stb3201d ago

i starting to hate these pipors trying to make a list full of exclusive sht and state that it is exclusive as

while i understand for those who dont kno(guess there are some)

Exclusive(adjetive) is: excluding or having power to exclude b : limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group.

so concording to this

@ X ziyad X

To be honest
its xbox year
but i think 2010 xbox year
bucz it have huge line-up :

Halo reach-exclusive
Fable 3-exclusive
SC:C dont get what is this game here...flop lol
Alan wake- NOT exclusive, also pc
mass effect 2- NOT exclusive
Crackdown 2 Exclusive
maybe - Natal - well exclusive
PGR 5 as well exclusive
and Cod MW2 DLC .. yes i now its Exclusive time .. but maybe its come out in PS3 2011(whatever)
Half life 2 : episode 3(in ps3 also)
and RPG from Mistwalker...who cares.
and evrey year Rare dev 2 game remake AAA >>>>>>LOL

Sony line-up :

MAG. exclusive
GOW3. exclusive
Heavy rain. exclusive
GT5 well
The Last Guardian... as well
what you lacked

FFxiii(lol if u mention these than i will say ps version has the best experience in this game.
FF v xiii
killzone 3
resistance 3

and so so so so on...that i dont want to repeat it again, around 15 or more exclusive as well, so lack it off dud, sony years is 2010 as well, but microsht has some bullet there as well.

GameOn3201d ago

They aren't exclusives but you cant play them on the PS3. which means they strengthen the 360 line-up against PS3's.
It's going to be a close year I think.