Medal Of Honor Will Be First M-Rated Game In The Series

Today EA decided to clear up some of the many fan questions about the Medal of Honor trailer that was aired at the Spike VGAs this weekend. For starters, executive producer Greg Goodrich stated that this will be a darker experience than previous MOH games.

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DasBunker3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

kewl... to me it looked like a mix between COD and BF gameplay..

but its all gonna come down to the MP for me.. if its more ala BF ill consider it.. but i doubt it has destructibility.. as long as they have vehicles and objective based MP modes ill be happy..


Really? thats awesome.. but i think it will be a different engine.. the trailer seemed to have better and different graphics than BFBC2

EvilCackle3163d ago

Well, DICE is making the multiplayer so I'd imagine it'll have a similar feel to BF. I don't think they've stated what engine it'll use, though. It might seem too much like BFBC2 if it also uses Frostbite.

WildArmed3162d ago

so dice is making just the MP? coz all i keep hearing is Dice is making the MP. So the SP is being handled by someone else? (sorry I am clueless as I sound)

Fishy Fingers3162d ago

The trailer shows some destruction, to the mountains/caves during the copper fire and also one of the few pieces of gameplay shows you shooting a fence apart while trying to hit an enemy.

I think there will be destruction, maybe not to BF extent, but far more than MW2. Looks very much like the Frostbite engine to me.

StanLee3162d ago

The debut trailer wasn't very promising. It looked generic and seemed to be running on DICE's Battlefield Bad Company engine which was unimpressive. I would need to see more before making any real judgement about this game.

RememberThe3573162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

The graphics looks really good and the content seemed like they were going to get pretty gritty. I am really looking forward to this game, lets hope it lives up to my hype :)

Hellsvacancy3162d ago

This will piss all over Modern Warfare (i hope lol)

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DecoyOctopus3163d ago

this game is gonna be awesome

Umbrella Corp3162d ago

Call of Duty < Medal of Honor
Enough said.

tunaks13162d ago

ah bandwagons, how i love them

supersonicsaga3162d ago

lame that they can't keep the series T for teen

RememberThe3573162d ago

I prefer the M rating with war games. It mean that game is going to be more warish. More blood, more death, more destruction, more fun!

EvilCackle3162d ago

Off-hand, I can't think of any major FPS franchises that are still rated Teen.

evrfighter3162d ago

Medal Of Honor's core fanbase are no longer teenagers. It makes sense that Medal of Honor shoould grow up along with them.

Somnipotent3162d ago

i'm not digging the burly guy on the cover... seriously. minimalistic design is great, but the dood needs to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.