Games32: The Saboteur Review

Games32 writes: "Those are the words that stood at the concept of the French Resistance (also known as Maquis in rural French territories) and kept the free spirit alive in France during the WWII. Starting from this premise, Pandemic Studios created an open-sandbox action game starring Sean Devlin, an Irish mechanic and racer, popular among the racing groups in Paris. Inspired by William Grover-Williams who was a Grand Prix racer but also a special agent during the WWII, Sean is nothing else but a caricatured figure. I'm not sure if this was intended by the developers or is just the result of a poor script which had to be completed in a short period of time, but Sean is not an imposing character. He is more like an alcoholic spending his time at the Belle De Nuit night-club in Paris. Feeling responsible for the death of Jules (his best friend) who was murdered by Kurt Dierker (a Nazi agent), Sean takes refugee with Rosseau family (Vittore and Veronique - Jules sister) in Paris."

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