Playstation In A Golden Age

Ironstarmovement Writes:"With a stellar 2009 year almost over, I can truly say Playstation has hit it's golden age. Spectacular new IPs in Infamous, Little Big Planet, Uncharted have given the Playstation brand the definitive edge over its rivals."

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YungXclusive2K93082d ago

Many people forget about the great improvements Sony has made on the PSP.

Redlogic3082d ago

I just got a brand spanking new psp go and I must say I'm loving it.

ape0073082d ago

is a simply an offer you cannot refuse

uncharted 2 is the best ps3 game ever,never seen such quality like it,it's worth buying a ps3 just for this game

and guys keep your eyes on heavy rain and agent

R* come on guys show us agent,im excited

Nambassa3082d ago

Amen to that! I don't understand how anybody can still be putting off buying a PS3. If you think about how much content you are getting for your money, it's actually a bargain!

cranium3082d ago

I think that MGS4 is still better, but only if you have played all of the other MGS games. If you haven't played any other MGS game, then UC2 and LBP are the games to own.

ThaTruthMVP3082d ago

And to think, two years back the PS3 console was destine to fail.