How do you define what is real in a video game?

A look at video game characters, relationships, and whether or not video games have reached a point where strong relationships to in-game characters are normal.

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Tony P3166d ago

Pretty refreshing to read a candid analysis about stuff like dating sims without breaking into "rofl perv get a gf" comments. And in all honesty, besides the depth, it's not at all that different from "romancing" a party member in your typical WRPG. And surprisingly, not many gamers are embarrassed by that. BioWare gets praised for it in fact.

Now I wonder if moving dating sims like Love Plus stateside would only be a matter of rebranding them.

Rockox3165d ago

The relationships in Dragon Age are fantastic. I like how if certain members of your party disapprove of certain actions made by you, they can up and leave and say "eff this, I'm done with you." That's the kinda stuff that's impressing me as of late.