Wii: Two Million Units Sold In Canada

GameFocus writes: "NPD reports that Nintendo has now sold over two million units of Nintendo's Wii system in Canada. Wii is the first system of the current generation to reach this sales volume and now joins the Nintendo DS portable handheld system above the two million units sold mark (both stats are reflective of Canadian NPD data)."

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n4f3168d ago

by reading the news i thought the wii bubble had burst! s////

Danja3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

lol when are you guys gonna just accept that the Wii isnt a fad and the bubble wont burst and when its all said and done will probably come close if not pass 100 million at the end of its run ..

its a great console with alot of great games

firelogic3168d ago

Yes it's not a fad but it doesn't change the fact that people are buying it and not using it for the most part. It's the "in" thing to buy. I have several friends who were clamoring for one during the shortage and not a single one of them uses it anymore. They've all graduated to 360 and/or PS3.

Just because it's sold a lot doesn't mean it's a great console.

Danja3168d ago

Well each to his won man ... I think the Wii ia great console has alot of great games but they just dont achieve mainstream success so they are over looked...

Hutch23553168d ago

I wonder, since so many people say they don't play it anymore, how many games get sold.

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creeping judas3168d ago

That means that a total of 6% of Canadians own a Wii!!

I bet if you compared the amount of Wii's in the States VS number of people in the states, it woudn't be nearly that high.

That means us Canadians are.....................
Oh, never mind.

Dirk Benedict3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

..not trying to use the Wii to lose weight? I use my Wii to play games and all I get are sore wrists.

SuperStrokey11233168d ago

SO many jokes... ill just leave it at that.

SuperStrokey11233168d ago

Man thats insance, thats like 1 wii for every 16 people regardless of age.

HobbsCanuck3168d ago

yeah, but if teh average family size is 4 people, then that's about 1 in 4 families own one. I got mine in 2007, haven't used it since 2008. lol

HobbsCanuck3168d ago

no, we build igloos when we're bored. :P

electricshadow3168d ago

I'm one of those Wii owners, too bad I haven't touched it in over a year.

HyperBear3168d ago

one of thos owners as well. I bought mine in July of 07' and just recently sold it 2 weeks ago cause it sucked and it sat in my room never turned on or anything cause PS3 and 360 are better imo.

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