GameDaily: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Preview

GameDaily writes: "One of the more inspired Nintendo Wii releases, No More Heroes has everything you could possibly ask for in a game. Bloody kills, a hero with a lightsaber (that doesn't bear the last name of Skywalker), frenzied car chases, lawn mowing and some of the craziest boss battles you'll see. Well, there's more where that came from, and this January, Suda 51 and his team will put it on display in the long-awaited No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle."

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EvilTwin3013d ago

"Along with killing, Travis will still have plenty to do around the city. Side tasks are available to earn extra cash, and lawn mowing will return. As for driving, it has gone through a complete overhaul, so it doesn't feel as clumsy, thanks to the sleek new Mark II motorbike.

"Visually, No More Heroes II is similar to the first, with a quirky (but likable) art style and free-roaming sandbox environment. You'll go anywhere, even though specific objectives appear on your map."


Other previews said the open world/sandbox was completely gone...?