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Ten Signs You Play Too Much Modern Warfare - AATG

AATG writes:

1 - You see a plane in the sky and instinctively reach for your Stinger missile.

2 - You have the königgrätzer marsch as your ringtone.

3 - When walking the streets you can't help but strafe around corners, crouch behind cars and run for cover whenever you see a helicopter or low flying plane. You also regularly check windows and the horizon for snipers.

4 - When speaking to friends you say "I'm Oscar-Mike" to let them know you're on your way. And you think nothing of using the words "tango", "x-ray", "hitman-actual" and "UAV" in every day conversation.

5 - You know your kill to death ratio and weapon accuracy off the top of your head across all three Call of Duty games and have a stat trackers installed on your phone or PC. And heaven forbid anyone else ever tries to every play using your account - their life would not be worth living. In fact the game is less about having fun and more about comparing the size of your e-penis with that of your friends.

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Relientk773079d ago


I must play Modern Warfare too much then, because I do all of that

dirigiblebill3079d ago

Strafing around corners is standard FPS fan practice. Hell, I sometimes strafe round my bedside table.

HairyArse3079d ago

I always tend to glitch into my front door. Pain in the arse it is. The girlfriend keeps having to crowbar me out.

Mirage7493079d ago

I've actually done the Stinger missile one on more than one occasion.