PSX Extreme: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Preview

Arnold Katayev: "Over the years we've seen Sonic do a number of odd and embarrassing games that simply didn't work for Sega's mascot. Sonic R was a commercial failure. Sonic Drift. Sonic Drift 2. Sonic Spinball. Sonic Riders. Sonic Riders: Zero. Mario and Sonic. And the list goes on. Sega has exploited their little hedgehog as much as they possibly could, across virtually every genre they possible could, including RPGs. Well, they've taken a step back to familiar territory and bringing us another racer. This time, it's a more traditional kart racer and it includes not just the Sonic gang, but a bunch of Sega's A-listers too."

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TheDeadMetalhead3166d ago

This game WILL suck. Calling it right now.