Medal of Honor - 18 screens at 720p from the debut trailer

When EA revealed the first trailer from Medal of Honor for the PC and HD-consoles this past weekend, the trailer was a brief encounter with what would seem to be some pretty lush graphics.

Here are 18 crisp stills from that trailer, grabbed at 720p resolution.

Tip: Click a thumbnail and press "look at max." to see each screenshot in full resolution.

The question remains whether 720p is the native console resolution of the game, or if EA LA and DICE intend to push it higher.

Another question to be raised is whether DICEs newest Frostbite engine has anything to do with the game at all, even if redone for the job. Take a judging look yourself - could have fooled us.

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deadpoole2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Any game other then MW2 having MP is gonna be awesome ... no pun intended.

iSynysteRx-2986d ago

I expect Medal Of Honor to really deliver a truly awesome experience come next year, DICE taking care of Multiplayer, Instant win! I have no worries about Single Player, EA usually deliver a great campaign with MoH! Then there's BF:BC2.. Infinity Ward, Who?