They Worked On The Game You Played, But Didn't Get Credit

Kotaku writes: magine pouring months, even years of work into a project, and then being unable to put your name on it. Unfortunately, that's the reality for many video game developers – and there's not much they can do about it.

"I was working for Codemasters at a new studio of theirs, managing a team of programmers," explains one developer who wants to stay anonymous. "We were originally set up to work on new projects, but predictably ended up doing work on a game called Operation Flashpoint 2 (recently released) that was in death march."

This developer and his team of programmers spent months on the project – for some, it was three months, and for others up to six - before being reassigned to a new project. But another six months down the line, Operation Flashpoint 2 was again in need of extra hands, and this developer was pulled back onto the project – "dropping everything on the current project and bringing my team with me," he recalls.

The developer himself left Codemasters before Operation Flashpoint 2 shipped – and once it did, he was surprised to find no one from his team received credit on the game, despite the fact that by the project's end some of them had spent some 18 months working on it. There was "very little appreciation at the time or since," he says.

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Bungie3201d ago

that's SAD for naughty dogs :(

GodsHand3201d ago

It's not just the video game industry, it's everywhere. Hell it happens at my job, I do somethings amazing that pushes the company foward to get noticed by others, in the same trade. Yet I don't get credit for it. The only one that really knows is me, and maybe a few others that saw what I was doing.

cyguration3201d ago


You're right that it happens everywhere. Usually it's the prideful d-bags that want their name plastered everywhere when all they did was either put up the money or yelled at people for wanting to clock out after the eight hours.

I suppose, in this particular scenario, it's double the dog dung given that these guys help churn out projects that return hundreds of millions of dollars and don't even get their name mentioned.

This would be shrug worthy news, though, if that was EA and not Codemasters.