Planescape: Torment Turns 10 - Greatest Game Ever?

Kyle of Insert-Disc takes a look at his favorite game of all time: Planescape: Torment for the PC. Recently turned 10, this game turned the computer RPG genre on its head and crafted the greatest video game storyline ever.

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GWAVE3139d ago

Not greatest game ever, but certainly one of the best RPG storylines of all time. It definitely had better characters and a better storyline than most modern "RPG greats" like Obvlivion, Mass Effect, and Fallout 3.

Tony P3138d ago

It's no wonder you only have two bubbles, man. You somehow can't resist trashing something with every post.

But anyway, I was gonna say about the same sans needless bashing.

The story imo is second to none in the *entirety of gaming*. It's a shame so few gamers these days know anything about it and will probably never try it.

ThanatosDMC3137d ago

I wish the game was on Steam... i should check later.

Myze3137d ago

Great game, lots of bugs, but the story was absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite story in terms of WRPGs, but there are a few JRPGs where I enjoyed the story more, such as Xenogears, FF6 and FF Tactics. Like I said, probably the best story for me in a WRPG, but I enjoyed BG2 more overall (including expansion).

Feral Gamer3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

More like Kyle, of Insert-D!ck

It was good, but not the "greatest"

lwelyk3138d ago

It is quite clever how you used word-play to change the site name into something involving male genitalia. You are a very witty man.

Jerk1203138d ago

Witty? I hope you're being sarcastic.

Zalset3138d ago

My favorite game of all time.

MK_Red3138d ago

Definitly one of the greatest games ever. This and Fallout 1-2 are THE greatests IMO.

Honolulu3137d ago

Could'nt agree more. :)

This one slipped most peoples attention when it was released, even though Black Isle was behind it.

MK_Red3137d ago

I was one of those that missed this gem when it came out. Only a few years before Black Isle shut its doors I found about Planescape and bought it.

yog-sothot3138d ago

really an awesome game

I probably enjoyed Baldur's Gate 2 even more, but the scenario, characters and Universe of Planescape are among the very best of the entire industry

I wish they released it on Good Old Games, I'd gladly spend a few euros to play this gem once more

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