Digital Comics Reader Live Now

The PlayStation Network has conquered games, bringing high quality innovative titles to the PlayStation family, it has conquered movies, bringing high definition blockbuster titles at competitive prices, and now, the PSN is set to conquer the digital comics market. The Digital Comics Reader, a service that aims to bring everyone's favourite comics to the PlayStation Portable, is set to be one of the hottest additions to the handheld this year. Now, the reader is being rolled out across different countries in the world as it's store goes live today.

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doctorstrange3199d ago

What comics will you be getting?

jrsenkbe3199d ago

can i use the service on my PS3 and can I upload my previous CBR files?

doctorstrange3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

But the service's designer, Pete Stott, did tell me that they were looking into it - http://playstationlifestyle...

Although, even if it goes to PS3 you won't be able to use CBR comics, its a closed system

user94220773199d ago

Under £1 is a bargain IMO

doctorstrange3199d ago

And a bunch of free ones too

Sev3199d ago

Downloading all the free ones now. I'll check out a couple paid ones too.

ftwrthtx3199d ago

and probably find one or two series that really gets my attention and stick to those.

decimalator3199d ago

I prefer my comics in video form, with naked chicks. Oh wait... that's porn.

doctorstrange3199d ago

That's coming to the PSN Q2 2010

DoucheVader3199d ago

Nice. :) I am going to peep these tonight.

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