A Brief History of Tekken

Gunaxin writes: "The long running Tekken series is one of video gaming's finest examples of the beloved "a couple of guys punch and kick the shit out of each other" genre. With the recent release of Tekken 6 we've decided to take a look back at history of the franchise. And since completely gratuitous eye candy is a proud tradition of the fighting game genre we've decided to take a look back at the history of that too."

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RedDeadLB2990d ago

There's never been much fun in Tekken for me..

Shade3602990d ago

Wow I forgot how much the series has changed..

And I didn't know there was a movie!

darthv722990d ago

It is what prompted me to get the PS1 when it first launched.

cb8102990d ago

Definitely one of the more epic fighting franchises...

Danja2990d ago

Definitely use to be one of the more epic fighting franchises..

NateNater2990d ago

From the first game to sell one million copies on the original playstation to the the fighting game with the largest character roster. Tekken has sure come a long way. I hope the movie turns out good.

bacon132990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Loved the Tekken games. Many fond memories of my friends and I spending countless hours trying to master King's multigrab throws and suplexs in Tekken 2.

gameseveryday2990d ago

Tekken was one of the first fighting games that I bought for my ps1.

Marceles2990d ago

Yeah this was my second fighting game I bought for PS1 other than Toshinden. It blew it out the water too. The first PS1 game to sell over 1 million.

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