Zero Punctuation reviews Demon's Souls

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Demon's Souls.

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darkeva933204d ago

lol That was entertaining. Though, I didn't find the game to be as difficult as he made it out to be.

sinny3204d ago

The game is not as hard as he made it look, really. The guy is just :
- saying what people expect him to say about the game
- he is just bad at playing games

Also , reviewing games by just playing the first zone is not cool . The guy didn't try to play cooperative or anything.

Ethereal3204d ago

It really is difficult. Although perfectly beatable if you put enough effort into it.

Socomer 19793204d ago

dont you have to beat a game to review it?
If zero punctuation continues playing, he is in for quite a surprise.
this world goes far deeper than you'll ever expect.

Perkel3204d ago

i was awasome as always :)

OtherWhiteMeat3204d ago

I love this game. One pure bladestone away from my first platinum trophy.

CadDad3203d ago

What level are you? If I'm in the +/- 10 level range, I'll let you hold my weapon! I ran that skeleton over 1500 times, hate to see someone else do the same.


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