IncGamers Review - Tales of Monkey Island Episode Five

IncGamers' Tim McDonald discusses the fifth and final chapter of Tales of Monkey Island series, and how it holds up.

From the review: "Five months ago, I penned the review of the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, Telltale's five-part episodic adventure series aimed at bringing back Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, and the rest of the gang. Thus far, it's been remarkably successful – despite some early missteps and the odd lull, there have been plenty of highs, and all in all the series has been on a consistent rise."

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Leord3134d ago

8.2 is very good, and well deserved by Tales of Monkey Island

Maticus3134d ago

Spooky! Heh, kinda saw this coming.

rrquinta3134d ago

I can't agree with the score, as I found it to be the weakest of the 5 episodes, but the series is still a definite must-play for fans of the genre or the franchise.