Bomberman Retro Review: Explosives Were Spherical Once [TGH]

Aurabolt from TGH writes:

"Man, has "Bomberman" taken a pretty big turn in the years since its original Japanese release way back in 1983. From furry animals to cutsey 3D, then crappy, gritty 3D, and then back to its roots; "Bomberman" has been lauded by many as the beginning of some of the most important mechanics in gaming. One of which was the inclusion of the Super Nintendo's multi-controller feature, which allowed four players to play at once for a truly-epic multiplayer experience at the time. It was born in an age of simplicity, where, to win, all you had to do was turn the other players into blasted masses with bombs. Since games had yet to see the invention of sticky bombs, all us "old fogies" remember the good-old days when we used the Kick Power, a 5 Column Bomb, and a Detonator to take out our opponents. Ah, those were some good times.
Heading back into the 80s, Hudson Soft was just starting out as a developing company working mainly with Japanese vertical scrolling shooters like like "Challenger" and "Star Force". It would be another few years year before they would show..."

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