BFBC2: Video and Screenshots of Panama Canal

PSNow! has published three new screenshots and a gameplay video of Panama Canal, one of the new maps that will be included in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when it launches in March 2010.

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ZBlacktt3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

That looks epic, sounds epic. So visually clean and rewarding.

Hanif-8763168d ago

Damn, i just can't wait for this game...this is where i'll spend most of my time online. Also, Red Dead Redemption is hot!!!

Karlnag33168d ago

Stick it in the beta pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ase! I want a tad more variety.

Pandamobile3168d ago

What good would that do. The PS3 beta ends on Monday.

Karlnag33168d ago

I mean uh; because shut up.

lol wow so it does. Time went fast D:

my bad... epic fail. I can has pitty bubbles?

YoungKiller253168d ago

well i know you want them to put it in the pc beta pandamobile