Sony: PSP Go sales are better than anticipated

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Despite that, the PSP Go is apparently doing better than anticipated, according Sony marketing lead John Koller. "We are over-forecast on what we thought we'd be selling on PSP Go, so we've been very pleased," said Koller in regards to the maligned handheld.

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shadowfox3204d ago

Talk about low expectations lol

D4RkNIKON3204d ago

Haha awesome. They should have kept this model for the PSP2 and added another analog stick. Since they didn't.. I didn't buy it. Sony really screwed up by releasing so many different models of the PSP without making a serious jump where they could actually take it to the next level and call it a PSP2.

LordMarius3204d ago

Im guessing the Go was just an experiment for how the PSP2 might be incorporated

beardpapa3204d ago

well they said the Go was targeted towards people newly adopting a PSP, so.... that's probably a reason for low expectations.

Testing out the waters of the digital download era I suppose....

Mindboggle3204d ago

Well when you expect NO sales then 2 units sold is better than anticipated...

jalen2473204d ago

Low expectations indeed. I have a PSP 2000 and I don't feel the need to pick up a PSPGo since they decided to drop the whole UMD to digital program.

mint royale3204d ago

What was the point of this thing if expectations are that low?

Chris3993204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Aside from the obvious price argument. That being said, any piece of high end consumer electronics with bluetooth and wifi and a shrunken form factor is bound to cost a mint.

If you don't like having to buy digital copies and want to cart around a caseful of UMDs, by all means, go ahead. The 3000 is still selling as a viable option for people like you.

I went for the portability, improved design (stop the "dual analog" whining, if they added another stick they would REALLY segment the developers and consumer base) and new techie features. The screen is nicer too, seems to have a better color depth, no interlacing (as found in the 3000) and can be viewed better out-doors. All in all, worth $100 dollars more than a 3000 to me.

sikbeta3204d ago

Is first the High price of the handheld and second is that people see more value on the PSP 3000/2000 model than the other

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MaximusPrime3204d ago

im not surprised. i got one and its great!

i have 5 free games (using PSN promotion codes) and 2 games i bought.

great stuff.

that GT mobile is brilliant and still is.

darthv723204d ago

those promos are not available in the US. I will eventually get one but it makes me wonder why they don't just make a unit with 8gb of memory and sell it for less. I would get one at $179+/- but not at the current price.

If having various sizes of internal storage can work for the likes of ipods and zunes and other portable media players...why not for the GO?

Subzero200x3204d ago

Lol so 100 or so sales in japan was expected, and is some how good?

cliffbo3204d ago

yes it's good. PSP3000 sales plus PSPgo sales = more sales of PSPs before the Go released. get it?

Neo Nugget3204d ago

I like my psp go. It fits my needs, wants and expectations.

Now they just need to get their release dates in check and stop releasing faulty DD PSN versions.

Yes, I'm looking at you GTA: VCS and Silent Hill.

hatchimatchi3203d ago

I just googled "silent hill psp go problems" and i see what you are talking about. The same thing happened to me, a cut scene was cut short in the hospital. I thought i had hit a button and skipped it accidentally. Turns out i didn't. I haven't played it since, but now i don't even know if i want to. I hope a fix comes out.

Back on topic,

I really like my psp go, it's a solid handheld and it's really comfortable. I've bought probably 8 games so far. My only complaint is that they don't have much of the back catalog of games available. As for people calling for a second analog stick. That's just stupid, it would divide the user base and cause problems.

spunnups3204d ago

Well, I doubt they put a whole lot of R&D into this model. I mean, the only real difference between this and the previous ones seems to be that it's smaller, lacks a UMD, a sliding interface, and has a larger HDD.

Everything else is the same, so it's not like they have a lot of expenses to make up for, apparently.

The product is aimed towards consumers who don't want to have to carry around multiple UMD's on the road. But at that price, I find it difficult to visualize consumers who already have a working PSP, to shell out another $250. I don't think the differences are large enough. I'm one of those people.

Also, couldn't people with older model PSP's just buy the 16gb stick themselves? I saw one in Wal Mar the other day for about $75 or so. That's a lot cheaper than buying another machine.

I foresee the PSP2 in 2010, no doubt in my mind. It's time for updated graphics. The current PSP seems to play games that have the quality of games that are somewhere between the PS1 and the PS2. Now, if the PSP2 can play games that could run on the PS2 or maybe a little better, that would be an amazing feat. If the price is right that is.

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