People Buy Crap for Their Avatars? Even Sony Can't Believe It

Sony's hardware marketing director John Koller gets my props today for saying something that would send other flacks into panic mode. He recently showed astonishment that people buy virtual goods for their Playstation Home avatar with real currency.

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tdrules3169d ago

shows astonishment at the profit more like

Bungie3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


$ony cares about it's consumers

they don't care about money

they just want them to be happy with free online and great exclusives and stuff

@Alcon Caper

i know :)

i'm such a fanboy

Why o why3169d ago

you want bubbles or something or is this your 'breakfast' parody

tdrules3169d ago

no business cares about their customers more than money.
its just Sony have a much better PR team than what the guys in Redmond have

snaz273169d ago

i mean ok if you like home (i had my spell with it, was ok met some good people. but soon got bored with it, and its now deleted) thats fine, but really what does dressing your imaginery character in imaginary clothes do for you? if it was space boots that let you bounce around and get into different spaces or something i could understand... its just like that whole street fighter thing when capcom charged for clothes that were on the disc, who the feck bought that? and if so why? did it make you fight better? move faster? i dont think i ever changed my clothes in home, why the feck would i? just really odd to me... home could have been so cool, can you imagine what they could have done with it? but noooo they have the same arcade machines! crappy pool where you cant even apply spin lol... ok ok it free but so is my poo! you want some? lol

Fishy Fingers3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Customers generate your revenue, without them, you have no business. While of course the bottom line is about profit, repeat customers are very valuable to your company, you look after them, they'll look after you.

Still, if my PS3 costs me money, it'll be on games, not micro transactions.

Anon19743168d ago

Fifty cents for a pirate hat? Why the hell not? The smile it still brings to my face seeing my guy in that goofy pirate hat was worth 50 cents to me. If it makes Sony money in the process, more power to em.

GVON3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

normally it's when I've got a couple of pound left on my account,I wouldn't put money on specifically for home,and it's only for the odd hat,or costume.

After seeing this news topic I decided to log into home take a pick of what I last bought.

I'll use this to spam family members Ps3's,probably work out cheaper than buying cards.

marinelife93168d ago

I don't think I've bought clothes. But I've bought the picture frames, a Christmas tree, and the Namco arcade machines for my home.

DasBunker3168d ago

i only buy when i have spare money on my account i wanna get rid of..

which doesnt happen often lol..

i bought a black baseball cap and i was pissed when i found out it was a stupid "gangzta" hat with awful patterns an other colors on it.. i just wanted a regular black cap :S

ape0073168d ago

a disappointment,I always said no I'll give it a chance,it has potential but it came to a point which I stopped caring about it


1-xmb integration
2-almost no load times
3-a full exciting trophy room
4-a section below your trophy collection,name it"ps home rewards" to know which is which what's what
5-most important thing,ADD LIFE,home feels so lifeless,ps home in game code is as lifeless as it gets

after all these upgrades,ps home will be a great place

ReservoirDog3163168d ago

Ahh, I remember breakfast. I used to always laugh at his comments. Whatever happened to him?

On topic though, umm, money well spent huh?

ExgamerLegends23168d ago

In the beginning every avatar dressed alike. People got so tired of the monotony they had no choice but to buy new stuff. All part of Sony's evil plan lol. Nah J/k. It's addictive to buy new stuff. I remember once I unlocked a new shirt from street fighter 4 in home. It was like crack. I immediately went to buy some other stuff. I mean, some of you prolly paid for some SF4 dlc costumes. And those ran 4 bucks. AND they weren't very good. You mean to tell me you wont drop two quarters for your avatar?

Trebius3168d ago

I havent bought anything personally...they gave away free Infamous costumes and I enjoy keeping that...

All I do in Home is play Pool/Poker/Bowling...everythin g else doesnt interest me much...

I DO however see how people would be inclined to buy items for their avatar...considering the avatars are pretty well-rendered and very customizeable (you could almost make it look exactly like yourself).

If I see an item for 50 cents that I think would be cool, I'd get it.

If they sold a Foam #1 finger i would get it...doubt they do though.

-EvoAnubis-3168d ago

This statement is so stupid that it makes my teeth hurt. Some businesses care more about money than anything else, but the VAST MAJORITY of them care about being the best. The only kind of idiot that would say some dumb sh1t like this is someone who has never owned a business or is so cynical they could find something to find fault in a newborn puppy.

MEsoJD3168d ago

you can't get a ton of free stuff on home already. So that goes to show

how addicted people can be when it comes to avatars. Look at second or


sikbeta3168d ago

If People have the money, there is anything bad about that


You forget about the -> /S

Wait, now that could be really IRONIC lol

DaTruth3168d ago

I'll never be surprised by what people will spend money on. But people think I'm stupid for spending money on video games; I think they're stupid for not spending money on video games!

To each his own... Unless your own is something messed up like molesting children!

MikeGdaGod3168d ago

i can't believe it either....

aaron58293168d ago

"Bungie" never runs out of bubbles ??

vhero3168d ago

I am amazed people do pay money for these kind of things but I think the sadder people are the people who pay for cash on games like Mafia wars on facebook etc. NOW THEY ARE SAD! These things are not much differnt than MS avatars except they actually look more realistic and you dont get the feeling they are being forced upon you.

3168d ago
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Myst3169d ago

I can't either!
*buys something for my avatar*

sikbeta3168d ago

If I have the money..... XD

spunnups3168d ago

Since HOME as a service is free, i can understand them charging for certain items. I don't buy them myself, but it makes sense.

XBL is different. If you're already paying for the service, shouldn't most of the avatar clothing be free? As well as themes and wallpapers well.

StanLee3168d ago

Most avatar clothing on XBL IS free. Game specific items and props, aren't.

mrv3213168d ago

Lot's of clothing in Home is free too.

Wile3167d ago

Much of the clothes on XBL and PSN are free. Premium material is not.

Kakkoii3168d ago

It shouldn't be much of a surprised considering the large success of F2P MMO's that are mainly based around people buying fashion items and helpful items.

Users feel it's a sign of wealth and superiority in a game to own items that cost real money.

yippiechicken3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Exactly stupid. :)