23 moments that pissed PC gamers off in 2009

PCGH made a list of thing that upset PC gamers in 2009. This includes things like missing dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2, the delay of several games or the platform exclusiveness and bad ports of certain games.

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Extreme_Coolcat3205d ago

for sure. saddest moment 2009 when DNF was cancelled.

UNCyrus3205d ago

people still game on PC?

edoman203205d ago


do you still breath?

As a PC/PS3 owner i prefer 100000000000000 times the pc, so much to play beyond the usual commercial titles (mods, emulators, etc.)

lately i have been playing a doom 2 mod mix:

alien vendeta + aeons of death = FUN AS HELL

"PC REALLY does everiting"

OtherWhiteMeat3205d ago

Rumor has it the PC even uses Spell Check.

Feral Gamer3205d ago

23???? How'd they come up with that number? Why not 20 or 25?

AssassinHD3205d ago

I take it you never watched The Number 23.

Feral Gamer3205d ago

I bought it cheap at Blockbuster used but never got around to watching it. I see it on my shelf from my PC... lol

AssassinHD3205d ago

I found it quite entertaining. You should watch it sometime.

cyberwaffles3205d ago

yeah there was a pretty interesting plot twist towards the end. not a bad movie, but i wasn't too amazed by it. i was hoping for something with demons or satan in it. the only movie that really freaked me out a little bit was that emily rose movie and it's because of it's theme.

but yeah, 23 is an arbitrary number.

darkmurder3204d ago

OMg 2 pigeons and 3 eggs number 23, my pc was built with 2 sticks of ram and has 3 HDD slots omg number 23. I have my shader clocked to 723, omg 23

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JonnyBigBoss3205d ago

That's the joy of being PC/PS3.

Relientk773205d ago

<--- learning that Diablo III wasnt coming out anytime soon

Blizzard "No Diablo III in 2010"

jalen2473205d ago

PC only gamers were also pissed off that games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 can run on a PS3 and in the process looking better than 99% of PC games. LOL. The 1% being Crysis. PC only gamers love to brag about how big their graphics cards are...compensating for something else maybe...Lol. I kid...I kid...Knowing Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 runs on a PS3 made it more difficult for PC only gamers to brag about how much more powerful a high end PC is than a PS3.

dirthurts3205d ago

But your ignorant to everything pc.
Take your brainwashed fanboy self somewhere else please. You bring no relevance to this discussion.

Nihilism3205d ago

so a game with low res texrures, at 720p, at 30 frames, is more powerful than a pc that can run an open world game like crysis with huge draw distances, better textures, lighting and effects all round, as well as better physics and 1080p, at between 45-60 frames??

I don't think so, also, there are a lot of multiplats that blow console exclusives away on pc, you should see the difference, day and night buddy

DiffusionE3205d ago

No matter how good UC2 & KZ2 looked compared to other console games, they don't even come close to Crysis' level of photo-realism and environmental details. And FarCry 2 on max settings looked better than any console game out now.

Many people seem to forget that Crysis had a big open-world map, and this required lots of additional hardware power apart from the object details themselves. You can't even compare a linear console game with relatively smaller maps to fully sandbox-type shooters on PC with huge open maps.

mcgrawgamer3205d ago

After a hard days work. Comedic relief like this really lifts my spirits. Thanks jalen247

jalen2473203d ago

I was just trying to be funny and get some reactions. It actually worked. Cool. :)

No offense to PC only gamers. I was just joking in my previous post.

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