Biggest Video Game Disappointment of 2009: Modern Warfare 2


"Congratulations, Modern Warfare 2, you managed to disappoint the hell out of me in 2009, more than any other game I played. I couldn't care less that you managed to sell more copies than any other title or that you're #1 on the Xbox Live Activity Chart. That tells me more about the gaming public than the quality of your game. So what is wrong with Modern Warfare 2? Let's see…."

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TOO PAWNED3205d ago

Fair is very very unbalance, it needed 6 months more in development and it needed public beta, also it is extremely noob friendly. Not to mention glitches all over the place that not only ruin experience but also make rankings pointless. You have people improving ratio over night. From 1.2 to 9.0, how is that possible? Of course some sort of a cheat.
Call me crazy but for hardcore gamers, still better to play COD4 and COD5.

edgeofblade3205d ago

Just more hate for a good game.

And what's wrong with being "noob friendly"? Not everyone is a super-human pro-gamer. Do you really want to whittle the market down until it's just one person who is the most uber-hardcore?

Think of it this way: without being noob friendly, who is there to shoot? Do you really want to exclude the people who are worse than you?

TOO PAWNED3205d ago

"Do you really want to exclude the people who are worse than you?" - you obviously don't know what "noob friendly" means... "Noob friendly" is when NOOB has a chance to play on same level as skilled players, basically SKILL doesn't matter anymore, that is noob friendly.

sikbeta3205d ago

How I'll praise a game for being Good, when I want the best for my gaming experience, is not like they are making the game for free you know

bacon133205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

No, just more hate for a game that deserves it. I've been on the MW2 boat since release day and have regretted it ever since. As stated many times by thousands and thousands of people, the game is very unbalanced, the glicthes are game breaking for legit players, mature players are few and far between while immature players are constantly camping to further their killstreaks without utulizing the space of the map.

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Blaster_Master3205d ago

Yeah, COD4 was way better. I miss it. I hope it comes as a download so I can just install it on my harddrive.

Socomer 19793205d ago

Multiplayer wise: kinda boring.

What bothered me the most was the care packages. I think its corny to see someone run around holding a huge gatling gun bot. it looks phony. I also dont like mini nukes and the Maps of modern warfare 2.
I wish there was some strategy involved with the game but there isnt.

After playing socom confrontation for the longest it was pretty difficult to get used to modern warfares autoaim and audio work. Socom confrontation has maps that need team work to comb.
MW2 is a small box of tagets running around in circles because enemies can spawn behind you.

I think MW2 is a better game for the person who did not play MW1.
I really feel the game has gotten very stale and gimmicky.
Im surprised that ive played resistance 2 for longer than i did MW2.
MW2 is the guitar hero of FPS but for my money Killzone 2 is War Perfected.

Tr10wn3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

See this worst game evaaar!!

QQ moar!

BTW hes a typical emo PS3 fanboy read his page.

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