Rare release Christmas Xbox 360 Theme

The Lost Gamer writes "Rare have entered into the Christmas spirit and released a new Xbox 360 Premium Theme that is set to liven up your Dashboard."

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rawrockkillz3078d ago

What has happened to the Rare of old?

Xeoset3078d ago

They got better.

Viva Pinata is easily one of my favourite games of all time. Anyone that actually put a little time into it highly rated it.

Kameo is again one of my favourite games this decade. There was so much comedy and charm and it pushed a lot of power with 10,000 largely detailed enemies on the screen at once.

N&B's was really underrated.

Seedhouse3078d ago

Yeah, Kameo and Viva Pinata were two titles that are completely overlooked by many because of their 'cutesy' looks - both fantastic, and show that Rare can still make great games.

Can't wait to see what they're working on at the moment, it's all behind closed doors apparently.

Tony P3078d ago

People judge Rare way too harshly.

They made their mark with many of these so called "kiddy" titles (family fun Nintendo, remember?) and yet people want to remember them only for the few exceptions like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and KI. Maybe they just hitched their wagon to the wrong star. 360 (and for that matter PS3) aren't exactly bought for their rated-E titles. Again, Nintendo seems like the best fit. But maybe Natal opens up a few doors in the near future.

blizzard_cool3078d ago

I blame Microsoft! No seriously, Kameo 2 was canceled and the natal project too, only because Microsoft "didn't want it"...

Elven63078d ago

blizzard_cool: No one even knows anything about those two projects or why they were canceled. The Natal game could have been crap for all we known, not sure about Kameo 2 but perhaps it didn't pass internal tests leading to the cancellation. Being a fan of the original Kameo I am disappointed by it though.

I'd rather have Microsoft cancel a project if it fails verification than something like Pandemic happen where the studio is shut down completely over internal rumors that their projects were not meeting standards set by EA.

GVON3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Not played a Rare game since the N64 (did flirt with kameo) but they'll never change.

expect a Wii sports style game,mabey Blast Corps and I'm sure the tower in the crystal ball will suggests a new adventure game.

But I wonder how TJ combo's gloves fit in.

SilentNegotiator3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Is a traditional Banjo-Kazooie game.

Otherwise, shove it up your tailpipe.

TheDeadMetalhead3078d ago

"240 Microsoft Points"

It's funny...I could open my PS3's internet browser, download one of those images to my PS3 and set it as my wallpaper for free right now.

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rlineker3078d ago

Help too get me into the festivities :D

PS360WII3078d ago

So this is what Rare has become? A dashboard theme maker :(

Hope they nail their Natal game. They are making one right?

Elven63078d ago

They are making Natal games yes but what's wrong with a theme? Developers make the theme, a few guys probably got together and whipped one up during their lunch break. Rare is a huge studio, it's not like all 200 people spent their time making this theme.

PS360WII3078d ago

Nothing is wrong with a theme it's just that I'd expect a theme based off another game they have coming out or something like that. I'm glad they are making another game though. I hope it works out for them. Still I guess they need to start off small again in order to get back their gusto ;) yes I'm hatin on Rare but that's just how I feel... looking at these comments people seemed to have really enjoyed their recent games which I can't agree upon yet that's not either here nor there so sorry for my little off tangent of nothingness!

Elven63078d ago

Rare always hides things in their Christmas greetings, last year it was Killer Instinct 3 IIRC which at this point is essentially confirmed to be worked on. Maybe something is in this theme as well?

MaN_uTd3078d ago

Where's my Museh Christmaseh theme?

AssassinHD3078d ago

Anyone else see the irony in charging for a Christmas theme? This is not a stab at Microsoft because there are premium Christmas themes on the PSN as well. I just find it amusing.

PS360WII3078d ago

The gift that just keeps on giving... well to the companies that price them haha

JokesOnYou3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

"Anyone else see the irony in charging for a Christmas theme?"

-No, not really....have you been to Walmart lately, they have Christmas banners, and a host of other Christmas decorations and err wait you might want to sit down for this, they charge you money for them.

You might say this is different, but then just look on the internet and you will see, companies try to sell all sorts of goofy things that you probably wouldn't even buy at the dollar store. Personally I think it would have been a nice goodwill gesture by micro to give something this small back for free, but hey who are we kiddin micro loves money.


AssassinHD3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Thank you for reminding me why I put you on my ignore list JOY. Of course you are comparing virtual content that can be replicated to infinity to physical items, so the comparison is a bit flawed. That being said however, I never said Microsoft was not entitled to compensation for the work, nor even that they should or should not charge for the content. I was merely pointing out something I found ironic.

In case you are wondering, it is not the point you are making with which I take issue. Your point is quite valid in fact, but your presentation is a bit uncivil. I am fully aware that Wal-Mart (and every other retailer in the world) charges for Christmas themed items. There is no need to be crass.

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