APB Has No Level-Up System

NowGamer: The action MMO's designers have participated in a Q&A session on the latest APB vodcast

"We don't have any abstract statistics or skills or attributes in APB,"lead game designer Knapp said of the character upgrade mechanic. "Your character's your character and you play with skill. However, you do have some items available in game that enable you to upgrade your weapons, vehicles and equipment as you play the game..."

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Myst3199d ago

I'm starting to like how all these MMO related games are losing their leveling system which will take away that grind-fest part.

Raoh3199d ago

i like grinding.. it's during the grinding sessions that you learn your characters playstyle, best gear, tactics etc...

it seems like companies are going for a general casual gamer style instead of a true mmorpg game..

it all sounds like one big melee game when companies drop..

online is losing its essense

Myst3199d ago

I will admit grinding does do that, but there is a limit to how much grinding it could take. It's probably because I was thinking of Final Fantasy XI the moment I was writing my comment. Grinding in that sense made you know your character in and out very well, but at the same time it made you feel like wanting to move on to the next level after learning it. All in all it was a great experience, but drawn out way to long.

Of course, the easier the game is the more people they can have play it though at the same time they could also lose some customers. So I'm assuming they are trying for that middle ground, example my friend left WoW after a few of the updates because the game seemed to be getting easier and the developers were essentially catering to the players whims ( his words not mine ).

Overall though if XIV can retain the essence of what XI was ( having people from all over the world working together and language translator ) then I think it would still be a hit [ In my eyes at least ]. That was the great thing about XI even if it was a massive grind fest in the beginning.

As for this game I don't know that say it's similar to Crackdown, but I have yet to play that game so I can't do much commenting on it. Though yeah from the sounds of it, the game seems like it will be that of a standard-fare third person shooter. Then again it still is in the works so more than likely things could be changed.

Christopher3199d ago

I like MMOs for the very in depth leveling/alternate advancement systems they create. I find them sorely lacking in most offline games.

A game like this won't ever grab me in. Heck, even most FPSs today have a leveling system to go with the multiplayer game.

Prototype3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I remember in FF11 before the exp patches and the EXP rings you HAD to spend hours in a group to even get one level; before I quit it was a joke reading people complaining because it took 3 hours to get from 20-25 when I remember the days of spending 12+ hours just to get from 12-18 in Maze of Shakarami. At the time I quit (Jan 2008) I had 6 jobs at 75 with at least 30+ merits per job both at level 1 and 2 status so I know what grinding is like and how f-ed up it can be.

The whole idea of eliminating level grinding does help to a degree as long as its done correctly. I'm assuming 14 is going the "Merit" route from 11 for those that remember how the merit pts work - instead of going to level 3 you would have a stat or attribute to level up and that's how it would be done.

By the way I hope Ranger class is back in 14 I miss playing it when I quit 11

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DEA Fresh3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

The first time I heard about it was 2006. We're now going into 2010 and it's not even confirmed to be releasing this year. So many big games have come and gone since then, many of them already have sequels. I've lost all the interest I had in this game. I forget it exists other than when I see half ass updates about it. This game better be amazing or else this company is going to go under w/ all the resources they wasted on it.

micro_invader3199d ago

They're in beta phase right now. I know because I was in the beta that started in about a month and a half ago. I can't go into details but I enjoyed the time I had with it, although I didn't stay for long as it's not my type of game. The first phase of the beta also ends December. They'll be starting a second phase come January 2010.

So don't worry, these guys are on the ball.

whothedog3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

So I can give my gun more wisdom and strength? :)