Top Ten Things To Hate About Modern Warfare 2

Videogameszone created their top ten list of things they hate about Modern Warfare 2. Glitches, Akimbos, Camper and more after the link.

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DanSolo3165d ago

But what's really cool is just making the ninja knifer class and running around like a maniac stabbing people.... awesome!

bacon133165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I honestly haven't been more disappointed with a video game purchase. I hope IW will pay me money for beta testing their game for them since November 10th. And now I hear talk of leaderboard resetting, WTF. IW should give us FREE downloadable content for all this nonsense, us committed and legit gamers deserve it after all the crap we had to deal with.

borgome3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I've got no problem handling the knifing people, I just wait for them to go running on by, and shoot them in the back. The akimbo shotguns, obviously the 1887's are quite annoying though. The range on that combo is just ridiculous.

JeffGUNZ3165d ago

The akimbo lever-reload shotgun is the most frustrating thing of this game. It's the new martydom. I watched a game winning kill cam where a guy jumped out of a building in Favela and shot a guy accorss the map in another window and killed him with the duel shotgun. Most ridiculous thing in this game.

SebTh3165d ago

Played it in Singleplayer. Was good. Then Assassin's Creed 2 came and i missed the chance to play MW2 online...


Don't fkn play it.....people are so stupid

Voltago3165d ago

I really do. Why? Because it's a result of bad QA! Boooooooh!

I-Pod3165d ago

Please Invinty Ward, we need Dedicated Server support.