Video Game History 101: Martyn Brown writes:-
We continue our series of interviews with the head of Team 17, Martyn Brown.

Team 17 are a well known development house throughout the UK and gained notoriety throughout the world with the multi-platform storming Worms series. What many don't know are the origins of this Osset in West Yorkshire based developer. These guys do a lot more than make comically entertaining games about monomaniacal non-arthropod invertebrates (aka worms to you and me). There was a time that every title birthed from the offices of Team 17 would set the Amiga games community a blaze. Still gloriously independent after 19 years we sit down with founder and studio head Martyn Brown to discuss what has changed over the years and look forward to todays release of the amazing looking Alien Breed reboot, Alien Breed Evolution.

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