IncGamers - Aion: Levels 20 - 30 Review

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan goes back to Aion to see what the mid-game holds for players:

"Around 8 hours into my first gaming session, it became apparent just what 'grindy' meant. I'd stopped playing at a point where I'd completed all the available quests in my locality, so my first task was to find a new quest hub. This proved quite tricky; at one point, all I had in my quest log was a handful of group quests and one or two that were well above my level"

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Leord3134d ago

Still very high score for such a negative snippet :P

thetamer3134d ago

Awesome. I'm sorry to hear that it's not as good as the first 20 levels.

Leord3134d ago

WoW is pretty fun throughout (or was when I played it in vanilla), but it's really the first dozen or so levels that determines if you get people hooked or not!

Pennywise3134d ago

I thought these levels were just as good as 1-20.

30-40 will surely get a 7/10 or lower. 40-50 is like a 5/10.

I canceled my account. I didn't see the purpose anymore. It wasn't even fun.

Montrealien3134d ago

I did the same as Pennywise, and trust I gave the game a good 100 hours of my life for it to sink its teeth in me, sadly WoW is to intwined in both my social life and gaming life at this point and is just so damned good. How ever I will admit, Aion was one of the best experiences I have had in an mmo in the last few years, and I try every big name mmo that comes out.

trust me, I can`t wait for the game that will pull me away from wow, but there is no denying that wow is just so well polished and fun, special when you play with friends and family on a regular basis.

AndyA3134d ago

I'm glad people are still putting the time into reviewing MMOs properly.

Leord3134d ago

Yeah, just this little bit here must have been 40+ hours of gameplay!

Fyzzu3134d ago

Ugh. I hate grinding.

Dorjan3134d ago

Grinding is apart of all non-western mmos...

Maticus3134d ago

It's still a relatively new game, in the west that is. I'm confident the developers will fill in the gaps over time.

Malfurion3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Considering the reviewer said it took between 6-10 hours per level, I'm guessing that's at least 60 hours for 20 to 30. Ouch. If WoW took that long I think I would've given up. Something must be keeping gamers playing Aion.

Raf1k13134d ago

Aion is surprisingly good. There are a lot of things it does well but not quite as well as WoW which basically does many things right.
Having said that, WoW has had five years to get to the way it is now and I'm sure that with time Aion will also become better.

Motion3134d ago

I'm lvl 35 right now, and the ONLY time i've had to grind was a quarter lvl between 24 and 25. And i probably only did that because i wanted to get into the abyss. 25 to 29 were the fastest levels yet, running the training camp.

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