RM Game of the Year: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


"I didn't actually expect Uncharted 2 to be quite so good. I suspect it was a mixture of stubbornness and cynicism, but I point-blank refused to believe, after all the hype, that it really would be that enjoyable. Daft really, considering its predecessor was one of the reasons why I bought a PlayStation 3. I was, of course, wrong to be so cynical. Uncharted 2 was a wonderful experience, and one for which I can honestly say, without any hint of poetic hyperbole, that I savoured every last morsel of it."

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Bungie3204d ago

Hellz Yeah

Best game in 2009

Socomer 19793204d ago

This guy is a follower.

You know that if any other game had won GOTY on the major websites he would just follow suit and write the same article editing the title of the game.

This years awards are doing major damage to the ego's. im loving the reverse psychology trips with these weak minded media outlets. This is why sony has a loyalty curve. once you go black you never go back.