Battlefield Heroes hits 3 million users, gets a new map.

Electronic Arts today announced DICE's free-to-play browser based title, Battlefield Heroes, has hit the milestone of 3 million registered users.

A new map, titled 'Sunset Showdown' has also been released. The map features one control point, a hilltop church, as well as an open area, where tanks will rein and a more 'shady' eastern side, perfect for jeeps and infantry.

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Pandamobile3076d ago

Nice. Too bad I lost almost all interest in this game before it was officially released. Would have been fun if it was released in Summer of 2008 like it was supposed to.

ZombieNinjaPanda3076d ago

Agreed, it also got tedious ranking up.

TABSF3076d ago

Enjoyed it for 2 days, Strange how I enjoy TF2 more even thought there is no ranking system

Valve, not only do they make amazing games but the gameplay is out of this world :) oh did I mention Free Content updates WOW I love Valve.