Final Fantasy XIV a serious WoW rival, says Wada

Square Enix is positioning Final Fantasy XIV as a serious rival to Blizzard's World of Warcraft series, company president Yoichi Wada has revealed.

In an interview with Develop, Wada disclosed the full extent of Square Enix's ambitions for the upcoming Final Fantasy MMO, and indicated that Blizzard's need to – eventually – build a full World of Warcraft sequel could be a real test for the studio.

"WoW is a tough competitor, but whether you are talking about EverQuest, Ultima or Lineage there has never been a company that has a continuously successful number one and two MMO," he said, speaking of that transition to a full sequel.

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qface643164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

um yeah NO
didn't they call age of conan a wow killer oh wait...

Lucreto3164d ago

It looks interesting but I don't like MMO games. If I have to pay to play I will not touch it.

PS360WII3164d ago

dang now that's a foot in mouth statement.

Personally FFXI is an insanely better game than WoW on all counts but population, and I see the same case happening with XIV. Sad but true :(

Myst3164d ago

Well I'd like it to be, but after XI some people may still be weary of the new MMO if they don't know much about XIV and the lack of the leveling system. I'd like it to be a serious rival to that game, because I think these online portions of the FInal Fantasy Franchise are good and fun ( a lot better than WoW in my opinion ), but I don't think it will be as people really love WoW.

Crystallis3164d ago

I just need to see new info or footage of this game. Haven't really see anything new in months except a few job skills on their website.

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