Modojo: Voltron Review

Modojo writes: "Back in the 80s, AKA the glory years of toys, you had to own (or at least know someone who owned) the following: the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier, Castle Grayskull, the Millennium Falcon (we'll let it slide if you had an AT-AT) and finally, Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Like most toys released during this time, Voltron was big, dangerous (if the metal lions didn't kill someone, the robot's pointy sword probably would) and one of the coolest things we'd seen. Those five lions (they came in a set that only parents knew the price of) joined to form one of the most kick ass robots in existence. We religiously watched the episodes and woke our parents up at 5:30 AM, Christmas morning, to open one of the greatest gifts we have ever received."

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