Famitsu hardware sales (12/7 - 12/13)

Leaked hardware sales estimates from Japan have been released.

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Valay3198d ago

Pretty good numbers for the Wii, but as I always say, I'll wait for Media Create numbers before I believe sales 100%. Next weeks data should be really interesting though with FFXIII.

ABizzel13198d ago

The PSP Go is in trouble. It was a good idea, but Sony failed on it's execution.

1. People can't bring their old games over to the system, so you lose sells.

2. People can't buy used games (which most of the PSP's library is under $20 for used games). $20 used vs. $40 new means used wins.

3. People homebrew PSP's so what's the point in upgrading to the PSP Go.

4. You have to download everything to you HDD, and sooner or later it's going to fill up with music, videos, and games. Since nothing is cheaper on PSN then UMD's so the PSP 3000 is still the better choice.

5. It cost to much. The PSP GO should have been $199 with a game or at least a $20 PSN card with the PSP 3000 dropping to $149 (why get the PSP Go when for $50 more you can get a PS3).

6. Needing wifi. The only other way to get games for the PSP Go is to download from your computer or PS3. So kids that don't have a PS3 or don't know how to download games and pop them in the correct folders on the HDD are screwed.

The PSP Go sales would have at least doubled if they just let gamers bring their old libraries over with them. That was the biggest mistake. If Sony wants the PSP go to succeed they need to drop the price $50 in March, add as much content into a bundle as possible, and let gamers bring their old libraries over with them, and stop worrying about how they might lose money if the have all these people trade in used games to get the digital copies.

All the other consoles did good.

randomwiz3198d ago

I think the biggest thing reason psp go doesn't sell well is because its aged hardware. Portable tech improves at an extremely fast pace.

When the psp launched, it was a huge marvel because it did everything you needed it to do. Music, videos, and games. And it had one of the best screens in the portable entertainment market. After a year, it got upstaged by so many devices which were more powerful than it.(ipod touch, zune hd, a regular phone, etc)

SuperStrokey11233198d ago

I had a preorder for a GO as at first i was in love with it but when they told us that you couldnt bring over your old UMD games (of which i have lots) i canceled it. Why would i essentially make all my old purchases worth nothing?

Saaking3197d ago

the GO is simply to expensive.

sikbeta3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Good points, but the main problem is the Price everywhere, I'm sure if Sony make PSP Go with different colors in Japan, we'll see more sales, Japanese people love colorful stuff XP

Great number for PS3 and PSP, and amazing for wii obviously

Gamers FTW!!!

3197d ago
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mjolliffe3198d ago

If it's a rough estimate from Famitsu. It's hell of a lot more PS3 sales that 360. 76,000 compared to 10,000. Nice one Sony.

SixZeroFour3197d ago

yea, ps3 sales seemed that they would average at about 30-50k a week, but looks like its going up to about 70k average...nice

however, dont downplay 360 numbers if these are in fact real close to actual numbers...thats like more than double the average 4.5k weekly numbers, what caused the surge in sale is what i always wonder when ever there are surges in any consoles numbers? does anyone know, im really wondering

SiLeNt KNighT3197d ago

Just a guess.. but do you think it could be from codMW2? Many of the people over there that are into the 360 are the most interested in shooters.

the wii is a monster. i thought the sales would have dropped a ton by now. i still dont see it passing the ps2 but im still amazed by the numbers. imo its so freakin boring but people seem to buy 2-3 consoles or something.

Lucreto3198d ago

The next two weeks will be interesting to see how many PS3 will be sold with FFXIII out tomorrow.

rrquinta3198d ago

Wow! The PSPSGo actually sold! LOL... seriously, interesting to see Wii still on top, but I agree with Lucreto - I wouldn't be surprised if we see a huge jump in PS3 sales with FFXIII.

SpoonyRedMage3198d ago

Can't wait to see the headlines about the PSP outselling the DSi. hehe.

Shang-Long3197d ago

No articles will come out all the ds models out sold the psp ones

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