Koku Gamer: Borderlands Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Of all the games that I've ever bought, Borderlands is the one that I've probably been the most on the fence about. When I originally saw it in my September 2007 issue of Game Informer, it looked pretty cool: four player co-op in a massive open world, a pretty cool story, and half a millions guns. While I sort of forgot about it in the sea of good holiday games in 2007, I certainly kept in on my radar.

The problem was that there wasn't anything to pick up as information about the game almost went dark until the beginning of this year, when the game reemerged with a completely new art style that I really didn't like. Add that to Borderlands starting to get up its own ass about being the "definitive, hardcore experience that is so badass that it's ineffable" and I dropped Borderlands off my list until the reviews started pouring in."

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