Nintendo Life Review: Diatomic

Nintendo Life:
The first time many saw images from Diatomic one word was in their head: Geometry Wars (okay, that's two). The similarities in appearance are definitely there: closed-border shooter (attention new term coinage alert!) and old-school wire-frame graphics. This isn't a bad thing though, with imitation being the best form of flattery and all that. Certainly history is littered with derivative games that were regarded as great in their own right; lest we forget that*Geometry Wars* is essentially a marriage of Tempest and Robotron: 2084. When creating a title that is similar to an established, popular game it's important to set it apart in some way; whether it's the underlying game mechanics or by adding additional features. Unfortunately the developers of Diatomic have elected to set their game apart from similar shooters by publishing it with horrifically broken controls.

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